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What is the weight of southern yellow pine in pounds per cubic foot?

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2011-01-30 08:00:14

Machinery's Handbook lists the density of southern yellow pine

at from 52~55 pounds per cubic foot green and

36~41 pounds per cubic foot air dried.

You might have guessed that the weight of a chunk of wood will

vary a bit depending on its moisture content. (Resin content will

affect density as well.) Was it just sawed, or did it just come out

of the kiln? Southern yellow pine can weigh 23 to 37 pounds

per cubic foot out of the wood storage shed, according to

the chart in the Engineering ToolBox. Though that might seem a bit

low given other estimates, you can use the link below to educate


If you consult Reade Advanced Materials, they say 45 pounds

per cubic foot dry. The Wooden Boat Forum says 43 pounds per

cubic foot. The sum of these citations might yield confusion,

but a good estimate of a bit over 40 pounds per cubic foot is

"safe" and quite usable/useful.

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