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The weight standard for all Morgan dollars is 26.73 grams


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what is the value of a 1888 O silver dollar

1888 makes it a Morgan silver dollar, which has a weight of 26.73 grams and a diameter of 38.1 mm. A heavily worn specimen might weigh slightly less.

It's 90% silver with 10% copper. The coin's total weight is 26.73 grams.

26.730 grams is the weight standard for all US silver dollars from 1840 to1935.

They have 26.73 grams of silver in them.

There were no 1888-CC Morgam silver dollars minted.

It is not difficult to find one.

About 24 gramsANSWER: The weight of a 90% silver half dollar is 12.50 grams

Lowest value would be $15.00 just for the silver.

The weight of the U.S. silver half dollar has changed over the course of it's history. In 1794 the silver half dollar weighed 13.48 grams and was 89.24 % silver. Then in 1836 the silver half dollar weight was changed to 13.36 grams and was 90% silver. In 1892 the silver half dollar weight was again changed to 12.50 grams which was the weight used until the final 90% silver half dollar struck for circulation was issued in 1964.

4-13-11>> Assuming the coin is circulated and has no mintmarks, retail value is $33.00-$40.00 depending on how much wear the coin shows. The 1888 Morgan is very common. NOTE: A 1888 silver dollar (Morgan) is NOT known as an eagle. In numismatic terms an "Eagle" is a $10.00 gold coin. The modern one dollar silver bullion coins are "Silver Eagles".

The Actual Silver Weight (ASW) of a Peace dollar is .77344oz of pure silver.

If there is one it's on the back above the letters DO in the word dollar.

Look at the date again. No Carson-City coins were struck in 1888.

about $25 depending on condition and mint mark

No true silver dollar (1794-1935) has a full ounce of silver. The Actual Silver Weight is .77344oz of pure silver.

Assuming it's circulated, has no mintmarks and depending on the actual grade, values are $32.00-$44.00. The 1888 MORGAN dollar is very common.

The coins have an Actual Silver Weight (ASW) of .36169oz of pure silver.

The 1988 Seoul Olympiad proof silver dollar has the same weight and size of other silver dollars. Weight 26.73 grams, Diameter 38.1mm and contains .77344oz of pure silver.

It's a Morgan dollar and the 1888 is a common date. Retail values for circulated examples are $15.00 to $27.00 uncirculated coins start at $30.00

If you mean a 1888 Morgan silver dollar? It's a very common coin. Circulated coins are worth $31.00-$44.00.

A Morgan Silver dollar is 38.1 mm in diameter and 26.7 gm in weight.

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