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White lions are most common in parts of southern Africa.

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Yes, in the wild, lions share their habitat with other lions and animals.In the zoo, lions only share their habitat with other lions.

white lions are in threat from man poaching, human encroachment, and habitat destruction.

White lions may seem to get more attention simply because they are rare. Most lions are a tawny golden brown color which helps them to blend into their habitat. This is not generally the case with a white lion. They tend to stand out more which in turn gets them noticed more.

Monkeys, banana trees, tigers, african lions, etc.

a lions habitat is a needs food,water,air,and shelter

White lions are basically lions that are white. They are very rare.

Lions live in Africa on the Savannah.

some lions live in africa some lives in asia the lion that lives in asia is the white lion they are very rare hope this helped

by hunting them, by hunting the lions prey and by destroying the lions habitat.

white lions are not as agresive as normal lions

Sea lions mainly live in antarctica

Look at the (animals type) habitat! Ex: Look at the lions habitat!

Lions have to have hot but shaded areas lots of rocks and also a wide range of space to play hunt and rest in those are the conditions for a lions habitat

In addition to all of the things that threaten normally colored lions such as poaching, habitat loss, parasites, disease, over-hunting and starvation, you would have to add "competition from normally colored lions." White is not the best color to wear while stalking prey on the savannah.

No, lions and tigers do not share the same habitat.

Lions hunt in their habitat of the African savanna.

Lions live in Africa because it is a suitable habitat for them.

Lions live in Africa. IN DEEP GRASS

Lions usually like large plains,with shade.

The White Lions was created in 1981.

White lions are not a seperate species from regualr lions, so if lions are endangered, so are white lions. White lions are only a few in the wild, it's a genetic hiccup that would prevent them from surviving in the wild. Most white lions are bred in captivity.

White lions are just like regular lions. The only thing about them that is different is their genetic mutation or their genes which is why they are white.

No, lions do not share the same habitat as do the great apes.

we find white lions in south africa but because of hunters they are endangered and there are very less white lions