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It is vaginal discharge. All women and teenage girls going through puberty experience some kind of discharge. It is the way your body cleans itself to prevent infections of the vaginal cavity. Normal discharge colors are clear or off white. If you experience yellow or chunky discharge with a foul smell contact your doctor immediately ! It could be a sign of infection. Discharge amount , color, and thickness vary daily. The closer you are to your period the thicker it will be.
Discharge is completely normal. It happens to every woman before you start your period and you'll have it until you hit menopause.
It's called discharge.
its called discharge......that means your period is coming soon.

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Its called discharge. Every month, a girl has a menstrual cycle and this discharge often happens when you have your period. Its completely normal.

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Q: What is the white stuff that comes out of the vagina?
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Does it hurt when the white stuff comes out of your vagina?


What is the cream that comes out of a girls vagina during intercourse?

When a man or woman orgasms, they generally produce ejaculate, the clearish white stuff that comes out.

What is the white goopy stuff that comes out of my vagina?

If it is very white liquid to soupy and has white clumps in it that looks like cottage cheese, it is most likely a yeast infection. Yeast causes intense itching on the vulva and at the vagina.

What is white stuff that comes out of a girl?

It depends on the reason its coming out.If your having sex and white stuff comes out of your vagina then its a discharge much like what happens to men("cum,semen, "skeet").The whitish discharge that comes out when having sex happens when you have an orgasm,its nothing bad.Although,if white stuff comes out of your vagina BUT your not having sex then you might have a yeast infection or it can just be a normal discharge and nothing bad but if it happens when your not having sex then you might want to go check with your doctor.

What are discharges?

Discharge is when this white gooey sticky stuff comes out of the women's vagina and out of young ones though if it comes out of young ones its a sign that their period will be starting soon.

What does it mean when Pinkish Redish stuff comes out of the Vagina?

It means that you have your period

Can the white goey stuff stop coming out of the vagina?

If you are having a white gooey stuff discharge from your vagina, you should have it evaluated by a doctor. It may be normal, or it could indicate an infection that needs to be treated.

What is the white stuff that comes out you?


How do I remove a hot dog from my vagina?

(guys) tells when your hotdog is about to squirt white stuff (girls) tells when your vagina is about to squirt vagina juice

How do you get rid of white stuff coming from the vagina during intercourse?

The white stuff is your discharge and works as lubrication during sex. It's normal.

What if one day you have white stuff coming out your vagina then its normal again is that normal?

the white stuff is the vaginal discharge which is normal and is a sign of ovulation

How long will you have that white stuff coming out of your vagina if you have never had your period?

since november

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