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What is the width of a cell phone?

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Depends on the cell phone.

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Cell height is how high the cell is from bottom to top. Cell width is how wide the cell is from side to side.

You will need another AT&T cell phone are a compatible GSM cell phone.

You cannot I monitor another cell phone without targetting that cell phone to monitor the phone.

Cell phone can't be protected from jamming. The only thing you can do is to make the connection between cell phone and cell phone tower as strong as you can by keeping cell phone fully charged and as close to the cell tower.

Go to your local phone service store in your town. Ask them if you can get a cell phone card for your cell phone. They should be able to answer your question.

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there is no cell phone service on the moon because there is no cell phone tower.

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grab you cell phone & multiply Lenght times width & you are all done...

The cell in cell phone stands for cellular.

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“what is an unlocked cell phone”

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Yes a cell phone is a radio Another answer: A cell phone is a transmitting and receiving radio.

There is not a way to make a cell phone microscope. A cell phone is for talking.

There are many different ways that you can damage your cell phone from water. For example, your cell phone can be damaged from rainwater. In addition, your cell phone can be damaged by being put in a washing machine or even being dropped in water. Condensation and humidity can also damage your cell phone. If your cell phone is damaged from water, there are many different repairs available that can fix a cell phone.Remove the Cell Phone from WaterIf you have dropped your cell phone in water, it is essential that you remove the cell phone from the water as soon as possible. This is extremely important. Water can damage your cell phone if it stays in the water too long. In fact, water can damage your cell phone in twenty seconds.Take out the Cell Phone BatteryIf your cell phone has been damaged by water, you need to take out the battery as soon as you can. Taking the battery out of your cell phone is a great way to make sure that the battery does not ruin your cell phone's circuit board.Drying Your Cell PhoneAfter removing the battery from the cell phone, you need to dry the cell phone off with a soft cloth. Using an old shirt or a washrag is a good idea. You can also put your cell phone near a hair dryer. This will dry out the cell phone. You can essentially put your cell phone near anything that gives off warm air so it will dry out.Set Aside Your Cell PhoneYou can play it safe by setting your cell phone aside for a few days. This will give your cell phone enough time to dry out. You should make sure that your cell phone stays turned off while you are drying it out. In addition, you should keep your cell phone uncovered. There should not be a protective case on your cell phone while you are drying it out. It may also be a good idea for you to keep the battery out of the cell phone.

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