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What is the wild card race?


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In baseball the AL and NL each have 3 divisions (East, Central, West) -- those division winners all qualify for the playoffs, then you take all the other teams in the league, whichever team has the best record is the wildcard -- the AL and NL each have 4 teams make the playoffs (3 division winners and the wildcard) -- The wildcard CANNOT play the winner of their division in the 1st round (LDS) -- in the event that 2 or more teams qualify for the wildcard, they will play a 1 game playoff game against each other, the winner of that game will be the wildcard --- the wildcard is the #4 seed regardless of their win-loss record and will play the #1 seed (unless that happens to be a team from their division, in which case they would play the #2 seed in the Division Series)

A "wildcard race" references the end of the regular season when teams that do not win their division are going for that #4 seed (the wildcard team)

Beginning in the 2012 season, there will always be a one-game playoff, regardless of the records of the competing teams.


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