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Q: What is the winnner of so you think you can dance doing now?
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What is Hawk from So you think you can dance doing now?

He is in Quest Crew and on tour with LMFAO

What is Robert Cohan doing in dance now?

he's just chillin

How come B5 isn't perform right now?

they r doing dance junkeez right now

How Converse is doing now?

i think fine

Where did people dance in the 1950's?

where in the hell did the people in the 1950's go dance i need to now because iam doing the boring report on it and i NEED to NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ILY =) ***** TMKLOVE NADINE

What is Jane pauley doing now?

i think she is a reporter for tv

What song did Donny dance to in the movie Ted?

I think we're alone now by Tiffany

What is R L Stine doing now?

He is doing another book of goosebumps horror land i think

What is snooke's job now?

i came to dance dance dance dance

What are the lyrics to okay now ladies?

ok now ladies, ok now ladies, dance, dance TO THE MUSIC, dance, dance, TO THE MUSIC ok noow, smoooooth, like a tiger to the council hall, I say"moo" and they think Im a cow, mooo, mooo, mooo, mooo, mooo, you probobly thought i was a cow ok now ladies, ok now ladies, dance with me, prance with me, no little shake, now why don't you ladies bake me a cake, YAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!

What is kwaito?

Kwaito is a dance that originated in South Africa. It is almost the same as hip hop, dance hall and some other dance that i can't think of right now. Check on Wikipedia.

Why we you should study philippin es foreign dance?

Because to be a choreographer you nead to know many types of dance styles i know its boring but i have to sit here doing it to that is actually what im doing now good luck to you all xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

Will Will Smith Make another CD?

i dont think so... think he id doing films now.

What are you doing now?

what are you doing now

What is julianna rose mauriello doing now?

She is studiying psychology at Middlebury College, also Frence and dance minor at the same collage. Julianna is a mamber of RIDDIM World Dance Troupe.

What is Asia Nitollano doing now?

i think Asia is very great. Topaz from Jamaica

What are the twilight people doing right now?

im not sure but i think they are in Canada right now preparing for new moon.

How is Nintendo now?

I think, your question needs to be a little more specific, Or what do you think? But all in all, I think my Nintendo is doing just fine.

What are you doing now in?

what are you doing now

What is Nick Jonas doing now?

I think nick Jonas is just chiling out or making a song

What is actor sam Elliot doing now?

I am not sure I dont think anybody knows really

What is Avril lavinge doing now?

are u kidding me who knows?!!!! i think you need Avril to ask that

What are Yasmine Bleeth and Paul Cerrito doing now in Arizona?

I think they live in glen more

What do you do when hate dancing but you have to do it?

Try to enjoy it as much as you can. Find bits of the dance class which you enjoy and make the most out of them. You could try to enjoy the music as well. Also, try to develop your dance technique as best as you can as if you can correctly do the dance steps you will probably enjoy the class much more than if you can't. Have you tried another style of dance? The one you are doing may not be suitable for you. If nothing can make you like the dance style you are doing then stop. There isn't any point in doing something you don't enjoy. I do think that before you quit, if you do choose to, you should try as hard as you can to enjoy the class, as I can tell you now from personal experiences, that it will get more fun as you advance in your grades. Hope this helps :)

This used 2 be called a planet but it is not now?

If you're doing the same homework we are, good luck. I think the answer is Pluto. If you're doing the same homework we are, good luck. I think the answer is Pluto.