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A 277 panel looks exactly like a 480 3 phase delta panel except that it has a neutral bus (the neutral is generated at the supply tansformer, usually by a zig-zag configuration.) If you measure phase to phase you get 480. If you measure any phase to neutral, you get 277. There are a lot of exceptions, but usually the 480 supply to the 277 transformer is not grounded, but the neutral from the zig-zag windings of that transformer is grounded. I just spent 15 minutes trying to Google a zig-zag wiring diagram for a transformer, but couldn't come up with one. So I will let that be your project. The short answer is that the 277 panel looks exactly like a 480 panel with a neutral bus, but if you don't know what that looks like, it is saying that zebra tastes exactly like lion. Us lektrick enjineers know that zebra tastes more like hyena, but you mite think that it tastes more like giraffe. The even shorter answer is that you have to use a 480 panel because that is the voltage in the panel. So go to the local electric supply house and ask to see the wiring diagram for a 480 panel and you will find that you are looking at the diagram for a 277 panel. You owe me a six pack for this answer even tho I did not explain it in layman's terms. A special tap off of a 480 volt supply panel using one hot leg and a neutral much the same as 120 volt, but has more power.

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Q: What is the wiring diagram of a 277V panel in layman's terms?
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