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This tree is actually a large shrub, and its wood is mostly used in handicrafts.


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The wood of a genipap tree is called lana.

Wood from the Maple tree is used in everything from flooring to furniture.

If the wood is old enough, it can be used. Do not use freshly cut wood as it will smoke too much. there are no poisons in grapefruit tree wood, so that is not an issue.

well the tree would probably set on fire and the dead wood could possibly be used for fire

tree wood i guess because every wood is made from trees.

Many are used to make maple syrup and many are used for wood. The wood can be used in flooring and furniture.

Yew tree wood is from a yew tree.

Like "wood", as in tree wood. Used in a sentence: "Would she do it?"

The evergreen trees wood used in many ways. For example Cedrus deodara is an ever green tree. Its wood is resistant to termites and gives very good flooring material. It is exellent wood for building pans and furniture.

Cedar is a tree used for wood of the Genus Cedrus.

The tree stem that we used is the trunk. Wood from the trunk of the tree is used in everyday items such as paper.

Rowan wood is wood from the rowan tree. The wood is usually used for walking sticks and rake spikes because it is dense and sturdy.

it is made of oak or beech tree wood <><><><> Usually spruce and maple.

Shredded wood (timber), glue and compression is used to produce sheets of 'chip-board'. (Wood grows naturally as a tree.)

Can sycamore tree would be used as wood burning in a fireplace?

The number of tree rings tells you the age of the tree. As well as being an indicator of the age of a tree, the width of wood in each ring, and the proportions of the light spring wood to the denser fall wood, can be used to estimate the climatic change and conditions during the years when the tree was alive.

furniture beds anyhting with wood init

type of wood used: from ash tree.

Dry seasoned wood can be used for an insulation purposes. Wet green wood will conduct electricity, as an example when lightning hits a tree. The tree will conduct the charge to the ground.

secondary cell make the wood in the tree ^^^ this guy is wrong wood makes up wood in a tree its common knowladge deerrrpp

The expression for cricket is 'the sound of leather on willow' as in the ball is covered with leather, and the bat is made from wood of the willow tree.

No it was more likely a teak wood used to make the cross.

These are various trees with light-coloured wood, such as the tulip tree, basswood, and cottonwood.

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