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What is the word 'aunt' in German?

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What is the german word for aunt?

aunt = tante

What is plural for aunt in German?

The German word for aunt is (die) Tante, the plural is formed by adding an 'n' to make (die) Tanten.

How do you say football aunt in German?

football aunt = Fußballtante

How do you spell aunt in German?

If you mean aunt as in 'the wife of an uncle', then in German it would be "Tante". Remember that all German nouns are always spelt with a capital letter!

What does the word die mean in German?

Die is "the" in the feminine form. If you were saying The aunt, you would say- Die Tante

How do you say aunt in German?


How do you pronounce aunt in German?


How do you say your dear aunt in German?

your dear aunt = deine liebe Tante.

What is Japanese word for aunt?

The japanese word for Aunt is obasan.

What is the Kikuyu word for the English word aunt?

The Kikuyu word for the English word aunt is "shangazi."

What is the polish word for aunt?

Ciocia or Ciotka is the word for aunt in Polish. Aunt = ciotka; uncle = wujeck

What is aunt in German?

Die Tante [ˈtantə].

How do you say my aunt in German?

meine Tante

What does the German name tante mean?


What is the past tense of aunt?

There is no past tense of the word "Aunt".

What is the word 'aunt' when translated from English to Australian?

The word "aunt" stays the same in Australia. "Aunty" is also used in Australia. The word for the opposite gender of Aunt is Uncle.

How do you say 'aunt' in German?

eine Tante = Auntie meine Tante = My Auntie

What is the Arabic word for aunt?

aunt : Kalh خالة my aunt : Khalte خالتي

Dear aun t in German?

Dear Aunt translates into German as Liebe Tante

How do you spell the word grand aunt in spanish?

Tía is aunt. Bistía is great aunt or grand aunt.

What is the latin word for aunt on mother's side?

"martera" is the Latin word for a maternal aunt.

How do you say great aunt in German?

die Großtante

What is the German name for aunt?


What is the Hebrew word for aunt?

Doda is aunt in Hebrew - spelled דודה.

Say aunt in lithuanian?

The Lithuanian word for aunt is teta.