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What is the word 'fantastic' when translated from English to Japanese?

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August 13, 2009 11:35PM

There are several similar words, two of the most common being Sugoi (which I tend to translate as 'Super') and Subarashii (which is usually translated as 'Wonderful'). Saikō (extend the sound of the o), which does sound a lot like 'psycho,' could be translated, 'the best.' The Japanese have also borrowed a great deal of English words, so it would not be uncommon to hear 'Ameejingu' (Amazing). You can just say the adjective itself or put together a complete sentence like: 1. Sore wa sugoi yo! (That's super cool!) 2. Sore wa subarashii desu! (That's wonderful!) 3. Anata wa saikō no tomodachi desu! (You are the best friend ever!)