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Copper oxide+ Sulphuric acid ----> copper sulphate +water


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Sulfuric acid is used to make copper sulphate.

copper sulphate plus zinc yields zinc sulphate and copper

The iron will displace the copper as it is more reactive. here's the equation: iron + copper sulphate = iron sulphate +copper

The copper sulphate (CuSO4) is prepared by reactions between sulfuric acid and copper oxides or salts.

Copper, sulfuric acid, and oxygen (CuSO4)

no! isotopes are different forms of an element with different atomic weight because they have different numbers of neutrons in their nuclei. copper sulfate is a salt formed by reacting copper with sulfuric acid.

copper sulphate plus zinc yields zinc sulphate and copper

Cu + 2 H2SO4 ---> CuSO4 + SO2 + 2 H2O Copper + Sulphuric Acid ---> Copper Sulphate + Sulphur Dioxide + Water

The chemical symbol for copper sulphate is CuSO4. (corrected lately)

Fe + CuSO4 ------> FeSO4 + Cu This equation is balanced. The displacement here happens when the iron knocks copper out of the compound and replaces it. The copper then forms around the iron giving it a brassy colouring.

The Zinc will displace the copper. It will become Zinc Sulphate. The word equation will be Zinc + Copper Sulphate -----> Copper + Zinc Sulphate. Hope this helps!

If iron nails are placed in a copper sulphate solution they turn green and rusted which means they become copper plated nails.I think the word equation is :iron + copper sulphate - copper + Iron sulphate.Iron displaces copper

Copper Sulphate, water and carbon dioxide.

Copper sulphate is formed as a reaction of treating copper oxide with sulfuric acid. No further separation is needed in this formation, except for driving off water.

copper+sulphur+oxygen then theres an arrow, but i don't know how 2 do an arrow copper sulphate

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