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It's called reverse discrimination! =)

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What is a sentence that uses the word discrimination?

The group of people at the church had a bad habit of discrimination against people in the other church. This word means that people are treated poorly because of differences.

What is the word for discrimination against religion?

The word for discrimination against religion is bigotry. This is where you treat other religion in an unfair manner and disregard them.

What does the root anti mean?

The prefix anti means that something is against the base word that is used in conjunction with the word. For example, anti-discrimination means a person is against discrimination.

What suffix ism has the word for prejudice against a particular gender or sex?


What is the word for discrimination or prejudice against an ethnic or cultural group?

Racism.This would be an example of ethnophaulism. Ethnophaulism is verbal slang against a group. For example calling a black person nappy headed, a white a cracker or someone from China a chink. Sorry for the examples being offensive but it is needed to help define.

What is the word for prejudice and discrimination against Jews?

The word is anti-Semitism, or better antisemitism(as there is no such thing as 'semitism' that Jew baiters are 'anti').

What word ending in ism means prejudice against a particular gender or sex?

Sexism or sexual discrimination

What is the another word for discrimination?

Hi, another word for discrimination can be harassment or perjudices.

What is the word for discrimination of different height?

Height Discrimination.

What is a sentence using the word discrimination?

Until the late 1920s, there was widespread discrimination against blacks by Harlem landlords. It takes discrimination to tell the difference between a good wine and one that is just expensive. Discrimination between fuchsia and purple is easy, but my boyfriend thinks they're both 'pinkish.'

The antonym of discrimination?

One antonym of the word discrimination is impartiality.

What word means you are against a group of people?

prejudice bigoted

How can you use the word discrimination in a sentence?

Here are three sentences for the word 'discrimination': "There is still a lot of discrimination towards women at work." "Discrimination is not allowed when deciding who should have the job." "Some people believe that discrimination is often a good thing."

How many words are in discrimination?

Discrimination is only one word, but it has 5 syllables.

What word is used for people who doesnt like jewish?

Antisemitism is prejudice, hatred of, or discrimination against Jews for reasons connected to their Jewish heritage

What are different meaning of discrimination?

There is only one basic meaning of discrimination, making a distinction or judgment in favor of or against something or someone. There are endless types of discrimination such as what is the best type of wine or the worst neighborhood to live in, to where a given group of people come from to what profession a person may be engaged in. You will note that I did not use the usual hot button examples of discrimination, I'm sure that you know the ones that are predominant where ever you are. I used these examples because I wanted to illustrate how broad a spectrum that the word actually includes.

What is the root word of discrimination?


What is a word that means prejudice against the jewish?

I dont know a Jewish specific word, but Fascism sums up prejudice against any group or religion

What is an example of a sentence with the word discrimination?

discrimination must be ended. discrimination can hurt many great minds.

How do you spell racesiseme?

The likely word is "racism" (prejudice against a race or ethnic group).

What is another word for 'racist'?


What word means a number more than half the total number of a given group?

the majority is the number more than half the total number of a given group.

Can you give an example of a sentence using the word discrimination?

Women have faced their own kinds of discrimination in society.

How do you use the word discrimination in a sentence?

Mexican-Americans face a lot of discrimination, especially in border states.

Is the discrimination against gays and lesbians in South Africa part of apartheid?

No. The word means "separatness." Apartheid was presented as an arrangement to encourage the separate development of European and Black African communities within the Union of South Africa.