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A person that does menial jobs may be called a grunt.

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Q: What is the word for someone who is made to do menial jobs?
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What is a sentence that uses the word menial?

Menial means a task that you consider to be "beneath you." Here are some sentences.I refuse to take a menial job sweeping out the grocery store.That is such a menial task; I deserve a better job than that.Poor people often have to take menial jobs because they cannot find anything better.

A sentence with the word menial?

Shoe-shinning is a menial job.

What is a sentence for the word Menial?

John did not mind having to do menial work at the camp

What is a sentence using the word menial?

I am looking for a more menial job- like yours! Sweeping the floor was deemed a much too menial task for the princess.

Give you a sentence with the word relegate?

Her boss relegated her to do the menial, boringn tasks.

Is this word spelled right coolly?

The adverb form "coolly" means in a calm or unruffled manner. The noun "coolie" is a slang term for someone performing menial or stoop labor.

How do you use the word manageable in a sentence?

She made the situation manageable by ignoring some menial tasks. The pain from surgery is usually manageable but can persist until the tissues heal.

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Bill Gates.... He made it after him and Steve Jobs were no longer companions

What does the word enslaved means?

To have made someone into a slave.

What is a detitrivore?

It is not a word; unless it was made up by someone.

What does the french word plongeur mean in English?

it refers to a skin diver. It literally means "a plunger". It can also mean someone who does all the menial tasks in a restaurant kitchen, such as the washing-up and cleaning. (he or she plunges his or her hands in the sink).

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