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A person that does menial jobs may be called a grunt.

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What is a sentence that uses the word menial?

Menial means a task that you consider to be "beneath you." Here are some sentences.I refuse to take a menial job sweeping out the grocery store.That is such a menial task; I deserve a better job than that.Poor people often have to take menial jobs because they cannot find anything better.

A sentence with the word menial?

Shoe-shinning is a menial job.

What is a sentence for the word Menial?

John did not mind having to do menial work at the camp

What is a sentence using the word menial?

I am looking for a more menial job- like yours! Sweeping the floor was deemed a much too menial task for the princess.

Is this word spelled right coolly?

The adverb form "coolly" means in a calm or unruffled manner. The noun "coolie" is a slang term for someone performing menial or stoop labor.

Give you a sentence with the word relegate?

Her boss relegated her to do the menial, boringn tasks.

How do you use the word manageable in a sentence?

She made the situation manageable by ignoring some menial tasks. The pain from surgery is usually manageable but can persist until the tissues heal.

Who made Microsoft office word?

Bill Gates.... He made it after him and Steve Jobs were no longer companions

What does the word enslaved means?

To have made someone into a slave.

What is a detitrivore?

It is not a word; unless it was made up by someone.

What does the french word plongeur mean in English?

it refers to a skin diver. It literally means "a plunger". It can also mean someone who does all the menial tasks in a restaurant kitchen, such as the washing-up and cleaning. (he or she plunges his or her hands in the sink).

Why is the word Internet capitalized?

the word internet is capitalized because it is a place someone made.

What does tyzeus mean?

it was a word someone made up i think

What is another word for made someone mad?

angered and infurriated

What is a word if you have 2 jobs?

2 jobs?

What is the definition of supercalifragilisicexpialidocious?

According to Wikipedia, the word is a nonsense word (not a real word, but made up by someone) used to describe the longest word.

What does drudgery mean in a sentence?

The word drudgery means dull or menial work. Following is an example of the word used in a sentence. "John's job as a data entry clerk was drudgery".

What word denotes both a menial working class in old japan and a greek letter?

ETA - a Greek letter and another word for Burakumin - outcaste people of feudal Japan

What does the word ator in dictator mean?

Ator is not a word. It is also no more a part of the word dictator than "cta" is. A dictator is someone who dictates, who tells other people what to do. The word is made of the word "dictate" plus the suffix "-or" meaning someone who does it. In the same way, an actor is someone who acts (act+or), and a contractor is someone who contracts (contract+or).

9 letter word which means you made someone believe something?


What is the word for giving jobs to family members?

Nepotism is the word for giving jobs to family members.

Is drudgery a verd or noun?

The word drudgery is a noun, a common, abstract, uncountable noun; a word for hard, menial, or dull work. The verb form is to drudge (drudges, drudging, drudged).

What is the word for favouritism shown to relatives by giving them jobs?

Nepotism is the word for giving jobs to family members.

One word for to be servile?

craven, cringing, fawning, grovelling, humble, low, menial, obsequious, slavish, submissive, subservient, sycophantic, toadying, unctuous,

What is the French word for honey?

If you mean the honey made by bees, the word is miel. If you mean the word you might call someone you love, it is chéri or chou.