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What is the word for thickness width height and distance?

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It is Length.

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What is the opposite word for width?


What is the height and breadth?

Breadth is another word for width. Height is how tall it is.

Is there another word for diameter?

breadth, width, thickness; caliber, bore, gauge.

What is another word for height in math that is not altitude?


What does 4 by 6 inches equal to in width and height?

When you have two numbers separated by the word "by", this means that those numbers are the width and height.

What is about the width of 1 centimeter?

It is about the distance of the word ones

What is a four letter word for an object that has length width and height?


What is the word for a two-dimensional object with height and width?


Has length and width but no height?

If that were a question and started with the word "what", I would say a shape.

What does the word width mean in math?

Width is how wide something is, length is how long something is.In maths w*l*h is width times length times height.

What are some word you can use to describe an object's size?

length width height depth ...

Which type of noun is 'height'?

The noun 'height' is a singular, common noun; a word for a thing. The noun 'height' is a concrete noun as a word for a measure of vertical distance; the distance above a given level; the highest part or point of something; a word for a physical thing. The noun 'height' is an abstract noun as a word for the most advanced degree of something; a word for a concept.

What is a word for the distance above or below sea level?

"elevation" "altitude" "contour height" "trig height" "spot height"

What is the abbreviation for the word width?

Generally - width is denoted by 'w' as inthe unit measurements are l:36", h: 24", w:18"Where l = length, h = height, and w - width.

Is array a multiplication or division word?

It's a multiplication word. E.g. The columns/height=5 and the rows/width=6 equals 30 (5x6=30). Or columns/height=3 and rows/width=2, so 3x2=6. It's not division. I'll explain why if you ask.

What does breadth mean?

Breadth us another word for 'width' - a rectangular block, such as a brick, has length, breadth and height.

What is a word problem for the surface area and volume of a juice box?

A juice box has a length of 3 inches, width of 1 inch and height of 4 inches. What is the total outside surface area of the juice box? Also how many cubic inches of juice can it contain if the wall thickness of the box is negligible and juice is filled only to 7/8 of the height?

What part of speech is the word thickness?

Thickness is a noun.

What is another word for span?

distance, width, length, extent, area, time, duration, limit, period

What is another word for how long?

If Time : Duration If distance: Size/Length/Height as applicable.

What is the noun for breadth?

The word "breadth" is a noun, a word for the third dimension (height, width, breadth) or the extent or encompassed area (or duration); a word for a thing.The related adjective is broad.

What setting in the Borders and Shading dialog box enables you to change the characteristics of individual border lines in Word?

thickness,width, color, style at first and second tabs.

What is dimension mean?

There are two meanings of the word "DIMENSION." The first is the height, width, and length of an object. Say, a box is 5 ft (height) by 6 ft (width) by 9 ft (length). The box's dimensions are 5 ft x 6 ft x 9 ft. Another meaning of the word "DIMENSION" is a unique place of existence. The higher the dimension, the more variables there are. For example: 0-D: It is a singularity. It can move in 0 directions. 1-D: It is a straight line. It can move in 2 directions, and has the characteristic of width. 2-D: It is a flat box. It can move in 4 directions, and has the characteristics of height and width. 3-D: It is a cube. It can move in 6 directions, and has the characteristics of height, width, and length. 4-D: We are 4-D. We can move in 6 directions, and have not only height, width, and length, we also have time.

Is height an abstract noun or a common noun?

The noun 'height' is a common noun, a general word for the distance from bottom to top of something.The noun 'height' is a concrete noun when it is something that can be measured, such as the height of a person, the height of a building, the height of an airplane, etc.The noun 'height' is an abstract noun as a word for such things as the height of fashion, the height of integrity, the height of absurdity, etc.

Is width a verb?

No, the word "width" is a noun.