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The weakest earthquake ever recorded was in 1962 and it was approximately 0.001643 on the Richter scale.

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Peter I. Staker, National Geographic Seismologist

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What was the year and place of the worlds weakest earthquake?

Hard to answer because there are extremely small earthquakes going on everywhere around the world.

What is the weakest earthquake recorded?

The weakest earthquake ever recorded registered approximately 0.001643 on the Richter scale. This earthquake was recorded in the year 1962.

Where was the weakest earthquake ever?

The weakest ever was 0.001643 on the Richter Scale but I don't know the location

What is the world's weakest Pokemon?

the world's weakest pokemon is magikarp, it even says in the description, "magikarp is the worlds weakest pokemon".

Where was the weakest earthquake?

I think it was New York but I am not totally 100% sure.

What class is weakest in adventure quest worlds?

Dragonslayer, Rustbucket, or No Class.

Where was the worlds strongest earthquake?

The largest in recorded history was a 9.5 earthquake in Chile.

What is the worlds' strongest earthquake?

The largest in recorded history was a 9.5 earthquake in Chile.

What is the type of movement that is usually associated with the weakest earthquake?

Well, the weakest earthquakes form at divergent boundaries, therefore, weaker earthquakes form where plates pull apart from each other

When and where was the worlds largest earthquake?

The largest modern earthquake happened on May 22, 1960 in Valdivia, Chile. it registered a 9.5.

Who is the worlds oldest working person?

the worlds oldest man is 105 years old and of course he still works he has also been on the weakest link last year in 2009

How many people live in earthquake zones?

About 20-25% of the worlds population.

What is the worlds smallest earthquake ever recorded?

the smallest earthquake recorded on the Richter scale was 0.1you could have told me where it happend and when it happend

Where did the worlds most severe earthquake occur and when?

In Chile in 1960, a 9.5 on the Richter scale

Where was the worlds largest earthquake at?

Chile in 1960 registered at 9.5. Japanese earthquake of 2011 registered at 9.0. pretty sure there was worse before 1900 though.

Where most earthquake take place?

90% of the worlds earthquakes occur at tectonic plate boundaries.

What are The worlds most dangerous earthquakes where does it occur why does it occur when does it occur and at what places and times?

the worlds most dangorus earthquake was in south America it hit a 9.2 on the rickter scale

How big was the chilean earthquake?

The recent (February 2010) Chilean earthquake had a moment magnitude of 8.8. In the past, Chile suffered the worlds most powerful recorded earthquake which occurred on the 22nd of May, 1960 and had a magnitude of 9.5.

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Please state what kind of learning that we are weakest? Weakest learning in what? If you meant it on the weakest learning in Subject then my weakest learning is my Algebra and calculus.

How do you use the word weakest in a sentence?

You are the weakest link.The weakest in the herd are sacrificed to save the youngest.

Where was worlds first earthquake?

My guess is on earth probably in the ocean or on pangea or something. There also was a large earthquake everyday when meteors hit the earth and added to the earths mass to create the planet.

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