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8.37 deaths/1,000 population (2007 est.)

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Q: What is the world death rate per minute?
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What is the Philippines death rate per minute?

The per minute death rate in the Philippines is around 0.94 deaths per minute. There are around 495,000 deaths per year in the Philippines.

What is the NY death rate per minute?


Death rate per Second in India?

Approximately 3 per minute

What is the US death rate per minute?

Over 100 humans die every minute each day. That means there are over 55 million deaths per year throughout the world.

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What is the death rate per day in the world?

1 per day usually

What is the world obesity death rate per year?


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What is the birth rate and death rate in Portugal?

birth rate - 46 per day. death rate - 3 per hour.

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What is Zimbabwe's birth and death rate?

Birth rate per 1000 of the population=27.2 Death rate per 1000 of the population =21.8 Birth rate per 1000 of the population=27.2 Death rate per 1000 of the population =21.8

What is South Africa's death rate?

It is the highest in the world at 17.23 per 1,000.

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