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What is the world population and race breakdown?


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May 02, 2012 8:10PM

Asian 54%

East Asian 24% (Korea, Mongolia ,China, Japan)

South Asian 21% (India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal)

Southeast Asian 9% (Cambodia, Bruma, Philippines, Malayasia)

Black 15%

White 15%

Hispanic 8%

Middle Eastern 8%

those figures are wrong as those in positions don t wish the truth to be out there so they count all persons in canada and the us as caucasians, you certainly know that to be false, the truth is the most populace is asian decent, blacks are next in number and more than double the minority caucasian race the smallest of the group. the other races are only mixture of those races


Canada doesn't count all people as Caucasian. The census reports are quite specific in breaking down the country's demographics.

and neither the us. but those who publish population of the world records falsifies those tabulations and considers canada and us predominantly white and therefore all are white for their propaganda