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What is the worldwide popularity of bobsledding?

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Bobsleigh is a winter sport in which a two or four member team use a sled on an iced track. Bobsleigh is a high speed and risky sport in which a number of fatal accidents have taken place. This sport is exclusively played in northern hemisphere, specially in Europe, North America and Russia. Germany has been the most successful nation in bobsleigh.

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When was bobsledding invented?

bobsledding was invented in 1789

Does Zimbabwe have a bobsledding team?

No it currently does not have a bobsledding team.

Which country is the best at bobsledding the best in bobsledding?

Canada man!

Where was bobsledding invented?

Bobsledding originated in Switzerland in 1890 and became an Olympic event in 1924. Women's bobsledding became an Olympic event in 2002.

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What year did women's bobsledding become an official event?

Women's bobsledding became an official event in 2002. The men's bobsledding event was started officially in the 1932 Olympics.

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What country invented in bobsledding?


What equipment used in bobsledding?


How is the sport of bobsledding scored?

by time

Who is the best bobsledding team?


What are the rules in bobsledding or bobsleighing?

Bobsledding is a group of two or four people doing a winter sport. Bob sleighing is seeing what others do

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What are the rules of bobsledding?

The rules to bobsledding are the weight for 4-5 people are must be less then 1387 pounds, the weight for 2 people are 837

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How are bobsledding races won?

By being fastest.

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