What is the worst free agent signing in the history of sports?

Well, there have been so many but I choose the Baltimore Orioles signing Albert Belle to a 5 year, $65 million contract in 1998. Due to injuries and an arthritic hip, Belle played only two years with the Orioles before retiring. Currently, Jason Schmidt signed a three year, $47 million contract with the Dodgers prior to the 2007 season. He has pitched only 6 games this season and has had season ending surgery on his shoulder. Stay tuned, he may make the worst list eventually. Or, there is Alexei Yashin, who was once a major NHL superstar. He was a restricted free agent with the New York Islanders after the infamous trade for him in 2002 from the Ottawa Senators, in which they gave up two future superstars (Jason Spezza, Zdeno Chara), for him and he got signed to a 10 year, 87.5 million dollar contract. He was rediculed by the Long Island media from day one, and he was able to produce 290 points in 5 years, with his team never getting out of the first round. In the playoffs, he recorded 5 goals and 7 assists in 22 games. 5 years into the contract, the team finally opted out of his contract, and his salary cap hit still hurts them today