What is the worst starter Pokemon in Pokemon soul silver?

Chikorita by far. Along with its evolutions, all being pure grass types, it is weak against flying (first gym), bug (second gym), fire, ice (seventh gym) and poison (2nd elite four) moves. Against the other starters, it doesn't hold its own very well due to the Totodile family (like most water types) being able to learn ice attacks.

Also, it looks to be the ugliest and most irritating starter as well - in the anime, Chikorita and its evolution were shown to be clearly annoying in appearance and in voice (mainly with Ash's Bayleef).

Imo, like many other grass Pokemon (bellossom, cherrim, Roselia), Chikorita looks quite feminine in appearance, leading for it to be chosen mainly by rare girly girl gamers.

Then again, if the player is aiming for a gaming challenge, Chikorita would be ideal.