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What is the worth of sterlingworth shotgub 79039 in good condtion?

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2008-03-01 00:20:59

I will assume that this is a Fox Sterlingworth shotgun as I know

of no other manufacture who made a Sterlingworth model. I will have

to guess what you mean by good condition. I will use, say 90% of

its original finish left on both the metal and wood. I will also

assume it's a 12 guage. Looking thru various publication and and on

the internet $1200 to $1500 seems about right. This assumes that

the gun is in good working condition and has not been modified in

any way. Extras such as ejectors & single trigger will command

more as will smaller guages. If the condition is better that 90%

the value will, of course, rise. As this gun has some collector

value at about 98% the value will start to skyrocket, I've seen

some vendors asking as much as $3500 for very high condition guns.

There was, by thr way, a delux version of this gun and that will

command 10% to 20% more. All of the above values are ASKING prices

and not necessarlly what the gun sells for.

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