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What is the wrist band and finger used for in football?


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If you are talking about the side judge, he uses that to keep track of downs, much like the Umpire having the true "game clock". *All of the officials on a football game usually wear one of the down-indicators, although some wear two (one for downs, one to keep track of where the football was positioned - on the left, right, or between the hashmarks). Also, it is the line judge who usually holds the "official" time.


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A wrist band is part of a football referee's uniform and is used to keep track of downs. For example, the band looped over the index finger means it's first down, over the middle, second down, and so on.

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Wearing a rubber band on your wrist can be used as a reminder of a pass struggle or a prevention of repeating the same mistake by snapping the rubber band when ever you get the urge.

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The bands are worn around the wrist by the referee and are used to keep track of what down it is by placing the loop that is attached to the wristband around the first, second, third or fourth finger. they look cool.

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ESD wrist band is used to release static electricity build up in your body. It is a safety measure to ensure there are not any short circuits on a computer while working on its components.

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