What is the written form of a play?

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What is the term for the form in which romeo an Juliet was written?

Romeo and Juliet is written in the form of a play.

What is the written form of a play called?


What is a constellarium?

it is a play in which form is a serious play. it is written by the ancient Greece people

Romeo and Juliet is written in what form?

It's a play.

The play Romeo and Juliet is written in which form?

Blank Verse

In what poetic form is the prologue written from the play Romeo and Juliet?

It is a sonnet.

To copyright a play can it be presented in printed form or does it have to be in taped form?

The written work is automatically protected by copyright.

How do you define a play?

A play is a story prepared in advance and intended for performance on the stage. It is usually a written literary work but need not be reduced to written form.

How is drama different form other literary form in literature?

The main difference is the format , the drama is written in form of dialogues or it can be said as the screen play.

What is the full form of play?

full form of play

Why was Hamlet a banned book?

Hamlet , the tragedy by William Shakespeare, is a Play and not a book in the usual sense. It is written in dialogue- play form. It is not a novel or short story.

What is the gymnastic activities in the form of play?

gymnastics activities in the form of play.

How is 9123072 written in word form?

How is 9,123,072 written in word form

How is 0.00206 written in standard form?

It is already in standard form as written.

What form is this linear function written in?

I suppose it is written in invisible form!

What is decimal.0658 in written form?

0.0658 IS in written form!?

what is 4.902 written in expanded form?


What has the author Ida Mae Case written?

Ida Mae Case has written: 'Speech drills for children in form of play' -- subject(s): Phonetics, Speech, English language

What is the written form of 211239.00?

The number that appears in the question is in written form rather than audible form!

What is the oldest written performed play?

The Persians is the oldest written performed play. It was written in 472 BCE.

Is Romeo and Juliet a haiku?

No it is not. A haiku is a form of Japanese poetry. Romeo and Juliet is a tragedy play written by William Shakespeare.

What is the singular possessive form of play?

The singular possessive form of the noun play is play's.

How is 107 written in standard form?

It is already written in standard form.

What number is written in form equal to 625?

4x4x4 written in standard form

What is the past form can play?

could play