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What is the year and value of an Ithaca double barrel 12 gauge shot gun sn 296108?


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2008-11-25 14:20:24
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1918 value depends on condition

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what is the value of 12 gauge skb double barrel ithaca 1900 model

It sounds to me that you have a Ithaca Flues model double barrel shotgun.With the serial number that you provided,your shotgun was made by Ithaca in 1917.

You have an Ithaca Miner model made in 1907

The value of a 16 gauge double barrel Ithaca shotgun with the serial number 461934 is determined by its condition. This gun in excellent condition is valued at 325.00 as of 2014.

A Model 37 is a "pump", so a double barrel could not be a Model 37

Sounds like this is a "New Ithaca Double". Depending on condition, I see these selling for $350-$500 on

You have a Flues model, built with pride in 1920.

Numrich Gun Parts Corp. online at

Double barrel? Single barrel? Model? Need more information in order to be able to answer.

It is a 10 gauge if it has a damascus barrel and it in mint condition can be worth up to 2000 bucks

i would like to know the value of my rabbit ear 20 gauge stage coach shot gun

There's a list of serial numbers by year at

whats the value of a 12 gauge double barrel revelation

I found a new unfinished one at:

ummmmmm i dunno got to the police station and ask for his file!!!!

as far as i can tell made about 1913. is it a baker ithaca? grade is of great inportance but as swag guess say around 1000.00

The double is the last model NID (New Ithaca Double) mfg by Ithaca. This one was mfg in 1927. Depending on condition and gauge you may have a very desirable shotgun.

You have an Ithaca Flues model made in 1915

There's a list of serial numbers by year at

What is your question? Are you referring to the semi-automatic single barrel?

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