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The question can't be answered without a serial number. You can call Colt with the serial number and they will tell you.

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How old is a colt revolver 38 detective special serial?

You will have to call Colt with the sn to find out.

32 colt revolver serial no 195718 year of manufacture?

Proofhouse.com has Colt serial number tables.

What is the manufacture date of colt detective special serial 588051?

Proofhouse.com has Colt sn tables. You can also call Colt and they will tell you.

What is manufacture date of colt 45 revolver serial 257250?

Proofhouse.com has sn tables you can look at.

What is the date of manufacture of a colt 1917 serial number 189558?

if your pistol is of the model 1911 with serial number 189558 then it was made in 1917 by colt. If it is the revolver then the serial number is to high for the 1917 revolver.

What is the manufacture date of colt detective special serial 42709?

A Colt detective special with that serial # needs a letter either before or after it. Nothing that low before 1970

What is the date of manufacture of a Colt Detective Special with serial number 7248RD?

Colt Detective Special serial numbers do not end in two letters. If you are positive the last two are "RD", you need to call Colt.

Did Colt fireams company manufacture a Colt Police Positive Special Revolver for the Columbian government in the 1930s?

Anything is possilble. The only way to know for sure is to get it lettered by Colt

What is the Manufacture date of a Colt Official Police Revolver Serial Number 904734?

Colt official police with serial # 904734 was produced around 1965

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