What is the yearly cost of infant formula?

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June 01, 2011 3:17AM

The yearly cost of infant formula all depends on the brand and type of formula you use. The more specialized formulas cost more as do the big Name Brand formulas. You can save money though, and still be giving your baby the nutrition he/she needs to thrive.

You can breastfeed and save tons of money, because, well, it's free, and it's what is absolutely the best for baby...

But if you choose not to breastfeed, or can not breastfeed, as was my case, you can use a Store Brand infant formula. By using Store Brand infant formula, you can save up to 50% off of the price of the national name brands. How? Well, the major reason for the big price difference is the marketing costs that the name brand companies spend on free samples in hospitals in hopes to snag another unsuspecting mother into buying their product for the next year or so, or the magazine and tv ads, mailers, etc. They then pass those costs on to the consumer. It's not that their product is superior in any way... It isn't.

Feel free to check out the Savings Calculator linked below to see how much each can of formula costs and the difference between name brand and Store Brand prices.