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What is the yellow book?

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specifications for computer data CD

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When did The Yellow Book end?

The Yellow Book ended in 1897.

When was The Yellow Book created?

The Yellow Book was created in 1894.

Where can you download the Yellow Book commercial?

You can download the Yellow Book commerical from

Who is the Japanese photographer who illustrated the book 'Yellow'?

You may be referring to Yoshiro Higai's book Life in Color: Yellow.

What is the terms red Book and Yellow Book refer to?

The Red Book is often referred to book of the Communist party of China and the Yellow book is referred to the Quran

Is yellow book going bankrupt?

NOT EVEN CLOSE!!! Yellow Book is the only one in the industry still in the black.

What is the book yellow star about?

I have never read it, but i think it is about a yellow star.

Does the yellow spotted lizard have yellow eyes?

no it has read eyes the one from the book holes that is

In the book Tuck Everlasting what is worn by the yellow sutied man?

um........ a yellow suit

What are the traits Old Yeller has in the book?

He was yellow

Yellow woman and a beauty of the spirit?

its a book

What color was the plane in the book hatchet?


Sarah places four books on a shelf The blue book must be somewhere to the left of the green book The red book must be somewhere to the left of the yellow book In how many different orders can Sarah?

The possibilities are these: Blue-green-red-yellow Blue-red-yellow-green Blue-red-green-yellow Red-yellow-blue-green Red-blue-yellow-green Red-blue-green-yellow Sarah could put the books in one of six possible orders that fit the requirements given.

What is Jerry Spinelli's favorite color?

I think yellow is your favorite color because everything in the book is yellow like the field day team is yellow,the button is yellow ,and the yellow bucket.

Was yellow fever cured?

Yes,in the book yellow fever 1793 at the end it was cured by the first frost and yellow fever was over

What is the yellow spotted lizard?

The Yellow Spotted Lizard in the book "Holes" by Louis Sachar is fictional.

What does they saying Im Yellow mean from the book 'The Catcher in the Rye'?

yellow means cowardly

How does diary of the wimpy kid 4 cover look like?

The cover of the 4th diary of a wimpy kid book is yellow, and is called Dog Days. 1st book- Red 2nd book- Blue 3rd book- Green 4th book- Yellow 5th book- Purple

How should my joke end what do you get when you cross a bee and a joke book?

A black and yellow book.

What kind of book is the yellow pages?

It is a directory. It is a directory.

Yellow book actress tattoo?

Blanca Soto

What color is the pharynx?

it is yellow because i saw it in a book

What is the yellow star in the book Night?

The Yellow Star was a marker that a person was Jewish and therefore worthy of discrimination.

In the book holes What is the worst thing a camper can be bitten by?

The yellow belly lizard

What does the color yellow represent in the book Fever 1793?

it turns people pale or sometimes kind of yellow from their skin