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Q: What is the yellow symbol in top left hand corner of dashboard on a Toyota Corolla?
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What is the 2010 Toyota Corolla dashboard symbol with an exclamation mark?

Low tire

What is the meaning of the ABS dashboard symbol on the Toyota Corolla NZE?

The ABS Light came up in my Toyota Alex car what should the Mechanic verify and replace

What are the dashboard warning lights for 2007 Toyota Avalon?

red flashing light that is car symbol what is it for

What is the U shaped symbol with an exclamation point in it mean on a Toyota dashboard?

Low tire pressure.

What does the Sun symbol mean on the Toyota Corolla dashboard mean?

I wondered that myself. Turns out it's not a sun, it's a light bulb. The answer I found is this: "Indicates that the side marker, parking, tail, license plate, instrument panel and headlights have been turned on."

What is this dashboard symbol?

A small yellow symbol lit up on my dashboard, is it the transmission light?

What does the round symbol with a exclama tion mean 2009 Toyota corolla sport?

I think it's the low tire pressure light you are asking about.

Symbol on your dashboard lite up on your Volvo s40 1.8i?

I am assuming you need to know what a dashboard symbol means. What does the symbol look like?

Toyota Camry - there is a dashboard light that has a squarish looking symbol on it that lights up you do not have a manual Transmission?

i have light that lights up with a car symbol that shows that maybe the light or out don't know what it is.

What does the instrument panel symbol that looks like a rectangular box with air flows out mean on a Toyota corolla?

possibly front or rear defrost indicator

Symbols on a dashboard?

Thunderbolt symbol

What is the meaning of K symbol in the dashboard?


What is the ticker symbol for Toyota Motors?

The stock symbol for Toyota Motors is TM.

What does the dashboard light with a car symbol in orange and small lines in the rear on a Toyota Camry mean?

I checked the owners manual and this indicates that there is rear light failure.

What does the dashboard symbol of engine on vauxhall agila mean?

What does eps mean on dashboard of an agila

What does a horse shoe symbol with two opposite arrows pointing on a dot in the center for a Toyota Corolla XE Saloon mean?

the horse is your tires . " low air pressure"

What does the symbol in the dashboard in a car mean?

door locks

What is the meaning of P symbol in dashboard?

Park gear

What does the Toyota symbol say?

It says "Toyota" in the symbol. There is a T, O, Y, O, T, A

What does the thunderbolt symbol on your dashboard mean?

do you mean a lightening bolt symbol? Seems to be an electrical indicator.

What is Toyota's stock ticker symbol?

Toyota Motor (TM)

What does a symbol on a Chevy Impala dashboard mean?

its an impala which is an animal

What is the orange light car symbol on the dashboard of a 2001 Toyota Camrywith small lines in the rear?

I think the lines are in the front that means one of your rear bulb or your brake light blubs are bad

Whats Toyota ticker symbol?

The Toyota ticker symbol is TM. In the future, you can go here to look up any ticker symbol:

What does an illuminated car symbol mean on the dashboard of a peugeot 307?

An illuminated car symbol on the dashboard of a Peugeot 307 is the open door warning. Indication that one or more doors are not closed properly.