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What is the yellowish stuff coming out of your kitten's eyes?

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Your kitten could have an eye infection. To clean it off, you need to get a warm wash cloth and gently wipe the kittens eye away from it's face so you won't get anything in the other eye. But if it does not go away you might have to see a vet. Good luck and God Bless:)

2006-08-22 18:55:52
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Do panthers have red eyes?

No. Their eyes are yellowish.

When do kittens open there eyes?

Kittens open their eyes in approx. 7 to 10 days.

When do kittens start opening there eyes?

Shorthaired kittens will open their eyes 5-8 days after birth, and longhaired kittens will open their eyes 10-14 days after birth, usually.

Can kittens get colds in their eye?

yes kittens they can get colds in there eyes

What color are kittens eyes when born?

Usually, all kittens are born with blue eyes, but the color will change, depending on the breed. Siamese kittens keep their blue eyes, but most others don't.

Do owls have green eyes?

Not all of them but some have yellowish green eyes.

What color eyes does an eagle have?

I believe they are yellowish

What color eyes do wolves have?

Yellowish whitish eyesUsually Yellow/Amber

What does it mean when your kittens eyes are green?

That your cat has green eyes

What do you do when your kittens eyes have gunky stuff on them and they have no mom?

Take them for treatment by an animal doctor (a vet) if you can not afford one then there are bound to be some charity Vets around.

Yellowish discoloration around both eyes but not in your mucous membaines or whites of your eyes?


Why are cat's eyes blue when then they are born?

they are actually black but change blue because they are so young. My cat just had kittens and her kittens eyes are blue because her eyes are blue.

How long does it take a kitten to open their eyes?

Shorthaired kittens open their eyes at about 5-8 days and longhaired kittens open their eyes at about 10-14 days, usually.

Why does this kittens eyes look too big?

kittens and cats have big eyes so that they can spot a prey running really far away. even at night they uses their big eyes.

What color are your eyes most sensitive to?

Yellowish-greenish light.

Can birman kittens have green eyes?


What do you do if your kittens eyes are shut?

Let it sleep?

Why are kittens born with their eyes closed?

They are born with their eyes closed because their eyes are not fully developed.

When kittens are born their eyes and ears are closed what are their eyes when they open?

They remain eyes once they open!!

What does it mean when your eyes have a yellowish color?

Symptoms of Liver Problems One possible cause of one's eyes turning yellowish, would be liver problems (Jaundice). Consult your doctor immediately.

What kind of caterpillar is yellowish orange with big black eyes on the side?

The caterpillar that is yellowish orange with big black eyes on its side is the Spicebush Swallowtail. They can be found in places such as honeysuckle plants.

What is the colour of eyes of new born kitten?

Kittens are born with blue eyes.

What causes crusted eyes are 5 week old kittens?

Kittens naturally get goop in their eyes; you just need to keep wiping their tear ducts regularly. If the goop seems exessive, take the kittens to a vet.

What causes a guinea pig to have white stuff coming out of its eyes?

take it to the vets asap! unless it's sleep!

What could be some reasons why eyes are yellow?

the whites of eyes may go yellowish when a person is jaundiced.