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The top 20 countries have a yield of over 37 bushels (of 60 pounds each) per acre, or 2.3 tonnes per hectare.

The U.S. average yield for 2010 was 46.6 bushels/acre or 2.9 tonnes/hectare.

The best country, Turkey, produced an average of 58.7 bushels/acre or 3.7 tonnes/hectare.

The record belongs to a farmer in Missouri who produced an average of 100 bushels/acre over a 300 acres plantation in 2010, and reached 160 bushels/acre on a specially irrigated field.
Roughly 50, but it depends on the variety and environmental factors

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The average potato yield per hectare is 14-19 tonnes per hectare. The variety of potato and climate can have an effect on yield.

In 1994 the soybean industry recorded a yield at 41.4 bushels per acre, up substantially from 1993's 32.6 bushels per acre yield, with the total soybean yield a record 2.5 billion bushels.

I don't know what the world average is, but the US average is around 8,800 kilograms per hectare for the grain yield.

15.36 Tonnes per hectare. Mike Solari, New Zealand

The U.S. average yield for 2010 was 46.6 bushels/acre or 2.92 tonnes/hectare. The figures for 2011 are slightly lower, at 43.0 bushels/acre or 2.89 tonnes/hectare. According to the US Department of Agriculture, the US average soybean yield for the period 2006 through 2011 was 42.22 bushels per acre.

According to DEFRA, the average yield in 2007 was about 7.2 tonnes per hectare (2.9 tonnes per acre). In 2006 it was 8.0 tonnes per hectare (3.2 tonnes per acre).

The U.S. average yield for 2010 was 46.6 bushels/acre, 43.0 bu/a in 2011.

About 2.88 metric tons per hectare, according to the USDA.

India's crop yield per hectare is much lower than the global average, according to UN's Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO). Water shortage, lack of availability of high-yield varieties of seeds and lack of research and development has been quoted as the primary reason behind the low per-hectare yield of crops in India.

Roughly 50, but it depends on the variety and environmental factors

The average yield of corn per acre in Pennsylvania is approximately 150 bushels. The average soybean yield is 40 bushels per acre.

High levels of ozone damaged the soybean plants, decreasing the average yield.

Average corn yield for the farms in 2012 to 2014 was 7.85 metric tons per hectare (125 bushels per acre). Average farm yields ranged from approximately 5.79 metric tons per hectare for one of the Brazilian farms (92 bushels per acre) to 10.75 metric tons per hectare for the Iowa farm (171 bushels per acre).

World average - about 4 tonnes per hectare, world record - about 10. Yield is complicated by the fact that 2 crops per year is common, and 3 are possible under ideal weather and field conditions. Crop scientists estimate a realistic maximum for the "perfect" hybrid variety at over 20 tonnes per hectare.

U.S. average yield for 2010 was 46.6 bushels (of 60 pounds each) per acre. Canada and Brazil average yield was the same or very close. The top record for 2010 was 160 bushels per acre on a special irrigated field, the same farmer managed an average of 100 bushels per acre on the whole 300 acres of soybean he planted.

In 2009 Kansas farmers produced 160.6 million bushels of soybeans from 3.65 million acres for an average yield of 44 bushels per acre.

107,639.1 square feet per hectare.

2.47105 acres per hectare.

2.47 acres per hectare.

2.471 acres per hectare

1 hectare = 2.47105381 acres

About 100 falcata trees are recommended per hectare.

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