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15 years(normal Olympics), 17 years in winter Olympics(a top Japanese figure skater who was 16, turning 17 after the winter olypmics, was not allowed to join.)

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What is the youngest age you can compete at the Olympics?

the youngest age you can enter the summer Olympics is 16. The youngest age you can enter the winter Olympics is 17. i hope that helps

What is the youngest an Olympic swimmer?

I2-14 is the youngest age swimmer of the Olympics.

What is the youngest age allowed for competitors in the Olympics?

there in no lower age limit.

What age has been youngest competitor at the Olympics?


What is the oldest age you can be to enter the Olympics?

17 is the answer for ancient Greece! i dont know about youngest age

What is the age to qualify for the winter Olympics?

I am pretty sure the youngest you can be is 15 years old. :)

Who is the youngest rower EVER to compete in the Olympics?

the youngest rower was believed to be dutch boy around the age of 7-9. He was a gold medallist and they havent recorded his name and age.

What is the minimum age to compete in the Olympics?

The youngest so far was 11 and 3 months. It was a Brit skater.

Who was the youngest person to compete in the Olympics for Australia?

Ronnie Steragte at the age of 9 years 312 days on rings.

Who was the youngest swimmer to make the Olympics?

the youngest swimmer to ever to make it to the Olympics was Micheal phelps he made it into the Olympics when he was 15 and won one medal that year

Was The mesolithic age the youngest age?

no it is not the youngest age . it is the middle stone age

The youngest competitor in the winter Olympics?

I think 15 is the youngest. (figure skating)

What is the youngest age for Trichomoniasis?

There is no youngest or oldest age for Trichomoniasis.

What was the youngest ninjas age?

The youngest ninja's age is 3.

How old do you have to be to go to the winter Olympics for figure skating?

the youngest would be 16 years of age but not many get to go to the Olympics at that age but you never know when you have a great drive and compassion for the sport source: my brain and im a figure skater

What is the youngest age of obesity?

3 years old is the youngest age of obesity :(

What the youngest age for a job?

The youngest age for a job is 13 years old

What is the youngest age to drive?

the youngest age people should drive is at the age of16 when you have a learners permit

Who is the youngest person in the Olympics now?

Diana mocanu

Who was the youngest athlete in the history of the Olympics?

francesco raso

Whats the youngest age do people start boxing?

The youngest age is 10 to do boxing

Who is the youngest gymnastic in the Olympics?

china have trained 6/7 year olds 4 the Olympics

How old was Kobe Bryant at his first Olympics?

12, he is the youngest athlete to compete in olympics history.

Who is the youngest player to compete in the Olympics?

Tom Daley is the youngest British olympiad at 14.hes a diver

Who is the youngest athlete at the Olympics 2008?

The youngest athlete at the Olympics of 2008 is 12 year old Antoniette Joyce Gueida Mouaffo of Cameroon who competed for women's freestyle event.