What is there to do in Thailand?

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As a holiday destination Thailand offers everything from beach holidays, diving, snorkeling, trekking and wildlife tours, Buddhist retreats, volunteer opportunities in communities or teaching English and of course sightseeing.

Go to phi phi islands, kanchanaburi waterfalls, shop at chatuchak in Bangkok or see the royal palace. Go to isaan area to see how real thais live or up north to visit the golden triangle. Go down to pattaya for songkran festival and have fun!
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Where is Thailand?

Thailand's location is in southeast Asia with a western border withBurma, (or Myanmar) and a North Eastern border with Laos. Far southin the country, near Phucket, is southern border with Malaysia. Ithas a long coastline, which along the west of the country isbordering on the Andaman sea. Recently I ( Full Answer )

What to do in Thailand?

You can have something in Thailand. I don't know what to do. Because I am not intrested. If anyone here from Thailand please edit. Update Well, right now economy growth of Thailand is very high. Real estate and Tourism grows very fast. There are many Thailand Property and Thailand Real e ( Full Answer )

What can you do with 8000 Thailand money in Thailand?

Spend it of course!!! 8000 B. .. u can buy a lot of thing over there because Thai money is pretty cheap when compare with US money ..right now 36 B.=1$ US Buy things that you think are special. Buy things for your boyfriend, girlfriend, whoever. Most importantly, buy things for yourself. Go sh ( Full Answer )

Who founded Thailand?

Khun Bang Klang Thao and Khun Pha Muang Most historians believe the Thais, originated from southern China in the early part of the Christian era. Firstly forming a number of city-states in the north of what is present-day Thailand, in places like Chiang Saen, Chiang Rai and Chiang Mai. Eventu ( Full Answer )

What are facts about Thailand?

In Thailand their most important and delicious food are bugs. ex: cockroaches, ants, scorpions...In thailand they speak thai , they celebrate christmas the boys dress up as santa cluas and the girls dress up as princesses.

How did Thailand get its name?

The name Thailand was changed in 1939 and it was more commonly known as the name of Siam it was changed to Thailand because Thailand stands for free land or free the land and is very meaningful to the people of Thailand.

What do people do in Thailand?

As little as possible. The tourism industry is big but not sophisticated. A lot of people work in the rubber or coconut industries and most people try their best to relax as much as possible. Oh, prostitution's pretty big too.

What is the population of Thailand?

The population of Thailand is estimated at 66,720,000 in 2011, about 14 million of whom live in the metropolitan area of the capital city, Bangkok.

What are crops in Thailand?

The major crop in Thailand (and one of its largest exports) is rice. Citrus fruits (such as oranges) are grown in the north (where it is cooler) and rubber in the south.

A cheer for Thailand?

The Thai equivalent of "hurray" is the last word in the Thai National Anthem. The word is ชโย or ไชโย [cha-yo or chai-yo].

Topography of Thailand?

Some of the physical features of Thailand are areas of plateau andplains, as well as rainforests and mountains. There are also riversand seas.

What is Thailands culture?

Thai culture is based mainly on Thai Buddhism though Islam is also present. There exists a great reverence for the monarchy on the surface and a great irreverence of formal education. One of the main ideals of Thai culture is to not work too hard and to have plenty of rest and good food at all times ( Full Answer )

Is Thailand in Vietnam?

West of it. Update Both are different country. Thailand is in west side of Vietnam

What Food of Thailand?

the most popular food of Thailand is rice. rice is used and can be used in many dishes and everyone in Thailand has eaten rice since they were babies and Thailand is famous for its rice.

What is ching in Thailand?

I am not sure wat "ching" means, does it sound like "yi-ing" because that means woman.. I dnt know either but maybe its an interment like a Kim

Who colonized Thailand?

No one has ever colonised Thailand. It played the British andFrench against each other and modernized in the meanwhile to keepavoiding colonization. In World War II, it was overrun by theJapanese, but they only retained control of Thailand in wartime.

Is Thailand expensive?

It might be expensive for a ticket to Thailand from Europe or America but when u get to Thailand, everything is cheap!

Is Thailand Democratic?

No! Thailand is currently run by an unelected Prime Minister, and ruled by an unelected and elitist trinity of the monarchy, military and bureaucracy. It is the least democratic it has been sice 1992, and the organs of the state are being manipulated by the traditional power brokers unsettled by ( Full Answer )

Why is Thailand called Thailand?

Thailand is called Thailand because when the Germans crossed the Caspian sea the captain was called harry thai and that's where they got thai from and now its called Thailand.

How do you pronounce Thailand?

You pronounce Thailand as Tie-land . Many English people see the th togethor and mispronounce it is Thigh-land.

Who is on Thailand banknotes?

The King of Thailand, Bhumibol Adulyadej, appears on all Thai banknotes issued since 1946 when he ascended the throne.

Is Thailand a nation?

The Kingdom of Thailand Yes, Thailand is a nation and it is a Parliamentary democracy and Constitutional monarchy. The head of state is His Excellency King Rama IX Bhumibol Adulyadej, regarded as the guardian of all Thais.

Are there wolves in Thailand?

Not as you would know wolves in Europe or central Asia. There arelots of feral dogs, and proper wild dingoes in remote areas.

Who modernized Thailand?

Started by King Mongkut (King Rama IV) in1855 and proceeded by King Chulalongkorn (King Rama V) .

When did they first name Thailand Thailand?

Siam was the original name of Thailand until there year June 23, 1939 when it was changed to Thailand. It was renamed Siam again from 1945-1949 after which it was again renamed Thailand.

Can you live in Thailand?

I'm sure that it's possible, many people do. See the link below for the Thailand Immigration Bureau.

What can you buy in Thailand?

you can buy clothing, silk, cotton & batik, Pewterware, Gems, Antique, ceramics, Nielloware, Lacquerware, Thai Orchids, Furniture, Hilltribe crafts.

What borrders Thailand?

Myanmar(Burma), Laos, and Cambodia are the countriies that border Thailand. the Gulf of Thailand borders the southeastern part and Andaman Sea borders the southwestern part.

Does Thailand have tigers?

Yes. Tigers live in Thailand's dense jungles and national parks.While it's difficult to confirm, Thailand is thought to be home to250-300 wild tigers, but they face threats of extinction due todeforestation and human development.

Is Thailand great?

No - but then no where is. Depends on your definition of course, but no where in today's world is "great" unless we are talking "size" and not "excellence".

What locate by Thailand?

As far as I'm concern, . the world's 3rd largest shopping complex (Central World) . Largest Aquarium in South East Asia . Tallest Christmas Tree in South East Asia . Emerald Temple . Marble Temple . Dawn Temple . Elephant Building . Robot Tower . Floating Market . Pattaya . Hua Hin T ( Full Answer )

Is Thailand in Africa?

No, Thailand is a country of southeast Asia on the Gulf of Thailand. Thailand is surrounded by the countries of Myanmar (Burma), Laos, and Cambodia.

Who and when did Thailand get called Thailand?

The Siamese assembly voted to change the name to Thailand in 1948.The idea was conceived by Phibunsongkhram, the current primeminister (and basically military dictator) at the time.

Who is the president of Thailand?

Thailand does not have a president. The government of Thailand is a unitary parliamentary constitutional monarchy, so they have a prime minister and a king. The King of Thailand is Bhumibol Adulyadej and the Prime Minister of Thailand is Yingluck Shinawatra.

Why is Thailand named Thailand?

For common explanation to foreigner, Thai people would simply explained. "THAI" means free in Thai. "LAND" comes from the British. Thus: THAILAND ! However the story of the name is quite dramatic and it connect to the current dispute of race and political turmoil as it is in present day. The ( Full Answer )

Are there earthquakes in Thailand?

Yes, Thailand is pretty seismically active - just yesterday (March 24, 2011) there were two earthquakes in Myanmar, a 6.8 and 7.0 on the Richter scale.

What year is Thailand in?

Right now (2012) it is 2555. Once it used to change in April (Sing Kran Thai new year) but it has matched the west's 1st Jan for almost a centuary now (I believe), so in Jan 2013 it will be 2556 (assuming ther Mayans were wrong and we get to 2013;) )

What is Siesta in Thailand?

Siesta can be translated to นอนกลางวัน (Norn Klang Wan). Siesta is only for kindergarten kids and not commonly accept as a culture. (Though we all love a short nap in the afternoon)

What is epay Thailand?

Many young people hope that they will make a lot of money by being the member of the Atomic Social Marketing (epayfriend Thailand). In reality, there are secrets behind it. Doing online business without having no job description is not really good. I means epay Thailand is a lie.

Does Thailand have a wendys?

negative ghostwritter, but I hear they're trying to start beginningwith Bangkok, Phuket and Chiang Mai.

What do Thailand people eat in Thailand?

Tom Yum Goong - A soup made with tomatoes, mushrooms, prawn, ginger and lemon-grass. Somtam - A spicy salad made with fish sauce, chilli, crab, prawns and shredded papaya.

What was Thailand known?

As the Land of Smiles. But even Thais can't differentiate between their own (fake) smiles anymore. .

Is Thailand Catholic?

No, the vast majority of the residents of Thailand are Buddhist, but Thailand has no state religion.

What is the language's of Thailand?

While the official Thai language is widely spoken throughout Thailand, many Thais also speak and understand English, though more so in Bangkok and the major tourist areas. As visitors to Thailand also include many Europeans and other Asians, Thai people's language skills often also include these oth ( Full Answer )

How is life in Thailand?

life in thailand is pretty boring. all you do is go outside and grow crops. when i was 8 i fell off my house and since there were no hospitals, i died, but then i woke and started to watch pokemon. so yeah...life in thailand is good