What is third insurance called?

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pertaining to medical insurance;




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Q: What is third insurance called?
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What is a third medical insurance coverage called?


Submitting insurance claims directly to a third-party payer is called?

direct claims submission

What is third party insurance?

Third Party Insurance is a Liability insurance purchased by the insured (first party) from an insurance company (second party) for protection against possible suits brought by another (third party).

Is car insurance on the car or on the driver?

The basic insurance/third-party liability covers third-party persons. But if you have comprehensive car insurance, it not only covers you, third-party persons but also your car.

Does van insurance differ from car insurance?

Like other vehicle insurance, van insurance can be broken down into three general categories. These are Fully Comprehensive Insurance; Third Party, Fire, and Theft Insurance; and third party insurance.

A written insurance contact is called an insurance?

A written insurance contract is called an 'insurance policy.'

Can a third party claim adverse possession?

The Third-Party Car Insurance policy offers insurance for damages caused to property or life of any third party due to the vehicle that you own. If you are looking for an insurance cover that will protect you, your loved ones in the car and your vehicle too, then you must go for Comprehensive Insurance. Buy Third Party Car Insurance :

What are the ratings for the life insurance company called Second to Die?

This actually isn't the name of a company. Second-to-die insurance is a type of life insurance. You insure two people, then the insurance pays out after both die to a third beneficiary, a child, for example.

What insurance pay other people for damages caused by you or your property?

In Third Party Motor Car Insurance,when a third person is injured by your car, Insurance Co. will pay him/her under this policy.

What is the purpose of third party liability insurance?

Third party liability insurance is useful if you are blamed for having caused an accident and someone wishes to file a claim against you. With third party insurance you are insured for claims up to a predetermined amount.

Where can one find information on third party insurance?

Contact a few different insurance companies and they will be able to give you some information on third party insurance, alternatively look at some insurance companies websites as these will have the information you are looking for.

How can a third party carrier be defined in the context of auto insurance?

In the context of auto insurance, a third party refers to anyone who is not a part of the insurance contract. This could include drivers of other vehicles on the road.

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