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an std (get it checked out) ;-)

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โˆ™ 2010-08-31 21:14:55
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Q: What is this little extra ball inside your sack and pain in your adominal area?
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What is adominal pain?

A stomach ache / Gastralgia It is basically a pain in the stomach area.

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I have had stomach pains for quite a while and it is in the adominal area We think it might be an ulcer but we are uncertain and i had my last period in December I don't know whats wrong?

Try a pregnancy test.

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Yes! They have extra muscles in the butt area

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Count the number of little grid-blocks inside the shape.

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The area is the inside. The perimiter is around. If its a rectangle, to find the area you multiply the lengths of two sides

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Since a parabola is an open infinite curve, the area inside it is infinite.

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Mostly it is when the doctor needs to go inside you and "clean you out" which basically means getting the extra blood that is stuck inside you out. I have had several of these and I am only 18. I have a lot of problems with this area of my body and trust me: You will recover fine. It is a simple procedure and don't be scared or worried. you will bleed for a little while after but that should be it. Good Luck!! A lot of times it is nicknamed as a "Dusting & Cleaning..."

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