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What is this pain in my arm?

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How do you say do you have pain in your arm?

Umm.. Do you have a pain in your arm?

What could cause trobbing arm muscle pain?

pain in right arm

What is the medical term meaning arm pain?

brachialgiaBrachialgia (Brachium-arm, algia-pain)BrachialgiaBrachialgia (Brachium-arm, algia-pain)

Does the anthrax vaccine leave your arm in pain?

Yes! My arm was in pain for like a week.

Pain in left arm arm hot?


What can cause severe upper arm pain?

What can cause severe upper arm pain (periodic aching between elbow and shoulder, sometimes pain going down arm and into shoulder)?

Chest pain and arm pain during third trimester?

Chest and arm pain can point to a heart condition. A checkup at the doctor is in order.

During an agina attack can you have only arm pain with no chest pain?

YES The nerve paths are not specific. You can have no pain, chest pain, arm pain (usually left) or any combination of the two.

Can pain in either arm be a signal for heart attack?

Yes, pain in the left arm CAN be a signal of heart attack.

What causes pain under right arm pit?

what causes shooting pain under right arm pit

Can lumbar pain and left arm pain be related?

Heart conditions can refer pain to the left arm, and many abdominal viscera can refer pain to the RIGHT shoulder/upper arm. However, I am not aware of any pain referral patterns from the low back or abdominal viscera to the left arm. Nor am I aware of any left arm conditions that can refer to the low back. However, that does not mean that it is not possible!!

What causes pain under left arm and in the left arm?

a crocodile

Pain in left arm outside between shoulder and elbow?

when I lift any heavy item with my left arm a sharp pain is felt in the middle of upper left arm

You are having pain and numbness in your left arm into thumb and index finger?

Having pain and numbness in my left arm into thumb

Can you have pain in your RIGHT arm during a heart attack in a woman?

If you are having unusual pain in your right arm, shortness of breath or pressure in your chest call 911 immediately. Yes the pain can go down either arm.

How can you get rid of muscle pain in your arm?

do R.I.C.E on ur arm or put ice on it :) :)

If someone punches you in the arm can it cause numbness in your hand and pain all throughout your arm?

if you get punched and it happens to hit a nerve you can experience numbness and pain throughout your arm. not common but possible

What is seizure with left arm pain?


How can you break your arm on purpose with no pain?


How do you break your arm without pain?

you dont

How can you get rid of the pain inside your left arm?

Cut the arm off and it will go away

What causes pain in the right arm and arm pit?

what would it be with a lump under the armpit

What does it mean if you have a bulging vein in the pit of YOUR arm with no strength in arm and pain in wrist?


Why am I itching in my right arm?

because you can sense a slight feeling of pain in your right arm.

If your left arm hurts during a heart attack what are you experiencing?

left arm pain