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spider bit mybe

2006-08-11 05:09:41
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What is the lizards appearance?


Is A fish Scaley Or Slimey?

Both, A Fish Is Scaley but Also Very Slimey, Ask Dan Terry, He Is A Carp.

What are antonyms of the word scowl?

The closest answer is scaley.

What does a lizard skin feel like?

Rough and scaley.

Characteristic of reptiles?

cold blooded, slimy, scaley,

What are some charcteristics of a toad?

Bumpy, scaley and slimey!

Do frogs have scaley dry skin?

yes. toads.

Words that describe reptiles?

Scaley, vertebrates, cold-blooded.

Do diinasaurs have hair?

No dinasours have skin which is almost scaley... but no hair.

What are the charicteristics of a fish?

the characteristics of a fish are slimey,wet,scaley

What are some words that describe a fish?


Is chupacabras hairy?

No, chupacabras are said to have greenish-gray scaley skin.

What are the symptoms of Huntington disorder?

itchiness, dry eyes. & scaley skin.

What makes your pubic hair rough and scaley looking?

I think you have a disease? ...

If you take my scaley tail i grow another without fail what am I?

You are a skink, I think.

Does a sea turtle have fur?

no but insted the have a scaley shell which is there home and protects them from predators

What if your Pug has what looks like brown moles on her skin they look like ticks but they are not ticks color is brown and then they get scaley?

My Pug has what looks like moles on her skin. When I touch them she is sensitive to my touch. She has itched one open and it bled. They get scaley.

How you spell scaley?

The adjective is spelled scaly (having scales, or feeling like scales).

Do frogs have scaley skin?

Frogs have wet, moist skin. Their skin is not scaly, but it is smooth.

What characteristics do all reptiles have in common?

scales have shells obtain oxygen through there scaley skin

What role does a lizard play?

It is a scaley reptile that helps eat the bad bugs and snakes in this world.

How do you know a reptile is a reptile?

They'll most likely have scaley skin, claws and they are also cold-blooded

You saw this crocodile like fish in the water it was scaley does anyone know what it is?

Could be a crocodile fish? Or an Alligator gar?

What do you call animals with moist scales?

A reptile that just bust his nut on his scaley little wife, tisk tisk

Are amphibian's reptiles as well?

No amphibians are from a different family. Such as frogs. Amphibians have wet smooth skin. Reptiles have dry scaley skin.