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Dear Reader; There are so many possibilities that I could miss it altogether or say something that would cause you undo concern. This is a matter that you may take up with your health care provider. Your concern could be answered in a phone conversation if it lies within a small group of possibilities. Dwight

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You get this weird feeling in your lower abs stomach when your girlfriend touches you right under your stomach on your waist its almost like a spasm?

i would advise you to seek medical help

Why does my stomach feel weird?

Your stomach may feel weird due to something you ate that doesn't agree with you. You could be coming down with some sort of a stomach bug.

You kind of feel sick but your stomach feels weird like it has flutters?

i kind of feel sick. but my stomach feels weird like it has flutters

My Testicle feels sensation without touch?

Extremely weird, i cant help you!

When was Weird Scenes Inside the Gold Mine created?

Weird Scenes Inside the Gold Mine was created in 1966.

What is that weird feeling in your stomach when your with a guy you like?

that is nervousness

Why is stomach muscle important in digestion?

Because it is weird

Can your stomach make weird noise a week pregnant?

Yes it can. It gas bubbles in ur stomach..

What is weird growth on my stomach?

i think you need to see a doctor.

How does the word gimp offend metal people?

Look, are you sure you put this in the right category... or is this some weird kind of inside joke?

Could you be pregnant if your stomach feels weird?

Could you be pregnant if your stomach feels weid after having unprotected sex.

What does breast feeding feel like?

it will probably feel weird at first. but it is just a sucking sensation on your nipple.

Is butterflies or fluttering in the stomach an early symptom of pregnancy?

Before I found out I was pregnant I had a really weird sensation in my stomach... the only way I could describe it was 'butterflies', however it was almost like a combination between a feeling of being really happy and really nervous all at once. It would come and go and it just felt different. I knew if I were pregnant it would be waaaay to early to feel anything but this odd sensation made me suspect pregnancy. Sure enough, I am now 10 weeks so yes, definately, 'butterflies' in the stomach can be an early symptom of pregnancy!

Are Weird noises in uterus normal when pregnant?


Why is stomach making weird noises?

your hungry or digesting your last meal, dumb..

What is that weird feeling in your stomach you get when your around someone you like?

that weird feeling is just you being nervous. I'm not sure how you get the feeling, but i recommend asking a doctor.

My westie's stomach is making weird gurgling noises and she wont settle and seems uncomfortable What is wrong?

your stomach is sounding gurgling because you haven't eating nothing that's why your stomach is like that

Is it weird of me to have a different boyfriend every week im in high school?

Weird as in unusual, unfortunately not at all. Weird as in not right, yes.

Why do you feel movement in your stomach when you took two pregnancy tests that resulted negative?

it could be a lot of things. i know my stomach felt weird when i had an ulcer.

What is the right way to spell weerd?


What is the 1 weird old diet rule to erase pounds of stomach fat?

eat less.

Why does your stomach have a weird feeling during a flight?

You may be fearful of heights, causing you to feel uneasy.

What does it mean when you feel like throwing up stomach feels weird and you have a headache?

it means your sick

What are the signs that you will throw up?

You get some weird feelings in your stomach and sometimes a sharp pain in your chest. Your mouth may beginning watering, and you will feel sick to your stomach.

Why do I have a stomach discomfort after eating cheerios with eggs?

i think maybe the combination made some weird reaction in your stomach. note that i am no doctor, though. im eleven

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