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Protactinium 234 is a decay product of thorium 234; the nuclear reaction is:

23490Th-----------beta rays-------------23491Pa

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Q: What is thorium 234 proactinium 234 plus 1?
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Thorium -234 proatinium-234 plus -1?

Protactinium 234 is a decay product of thorium 234; the nuclear reaction is: 23490Th---------------23491Pa + beta rays (e-)

Is Thorium-234 Proactinium-234 -1 a alpha decay equation?

No, 234Th decays to 234Pa via beta decay. If it DID decay via alpha emission, it wouldn't decay to 234Pa, because it would lose 4 atomic mass units, bringing it down to 230Ra, which as far as I know doesn't exist.

What what happen to uranium as it undergo alpha decay?

1. Uranium 238 is transformed in thorium 234 by alpha decay. 2. Uranium 235 is transformed in thorium 231 by alpha decay. 3. Uranium 234 is transformed in thorium 230 by alpha decay.

What type of decay occurs when thorium undergoes radioactive decay to form protactinium?

Thorium 234: Beta decay. Atomic number increases by 1.

How do you write the equation thorium- 234 undergoes alpha decay?

It is Th > Pa + e. 90 91 -1

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What is the melting point and boiling point of thorium?

The melting point of thorium is 1 750 0C.The boiling point of thorium is 4 788 0C.

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