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detach their tales, swell up and hiss, lashing their tales

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How long is the frilled lizard?

About two to three feet long. -Parker :-)

What are the names of three reptiles?

three reptiles are: -red bellied snake -bearded dragon -frilled necked lizard

What creature has the longest pregnancy?

the frilled shark- three and a half years!!!!!

What lizard has three eyes?


What is a lifespan of a lizard?

About three years.

Can you see a picture of a lizard?

You can see a picture of a lizard, but there are so many types that you can see. There are three types listed below whose links are provided: the common lizard, the horned lizard, and the thrilled lizard.

What are three kinds of reptiles?

lizard, frog, and snake

Three letter word for small lizard?


How do you play three versus three soccer?

That soccer is called futsal. You play in a smaller room and there is no out. One usually defends and two attacks.

Who is the villain in Spider-Man 4?

Theres maybe three villians The Lizard,The Black Cat,and CarnageThe Lizard

How often does a lizard eat?

Two to three times a day

How long is the gestation period for a lizard?

It varies depending on the species but for the common lizard it is three months.All depends on what species of lizard, some can have a gestation of only days and some for months.

How long is an horned lizard?

They are between three and seven inches in length.

What does Triceratops the name mean?

Wide Load

What type of Indonesian lizard can grow up to three meters?


How many chambers does a lizard have in its heart?

Lizards have three-chambered hearts.

What drink has lizards in the bottle?

There is Lizard Tequila which has a lizard in. There is also Three Lizard Liquor which is Chinese they believe you can absorb life energy from it. I have only tried the tequila which was pretty much like any other tequila.

Name what three native reptiles that live in Florida?

== == lizard crocidile aligator

How many lizard years are in twelve months?

Three. Also known as a butload.

Why does 9 cubed equal 9 to the power of three?

because when you cube a number you are multiplying itself by itself by itself which is the same as to the power of three.

What is animal that has three eyes?

The Tuatara, a lizard-like reptile that lives only in New Zealand, has those three "eyes".

Where is the Winking Lizard Tavern located?

There are three Winking Lizard Taverns which are all in Ohio. There is one in Cleveland and one in Bedford. The third is in Peninsula. Generally they get good reviews.

How many lizard babies at a time are born?

maybe three or five at once can be born...

Name three that animals move with their bellies?

snake, earth worm, legless lizard

Which animals have three eyes?

The Tuatera, a lizard-like reptile that lives only in New Zealand

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