What is tofu made from?

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Tofu is made from soy milk, boiled and curdled with a coagulant such as seawater or a seawater extract, and pressed into blocks, or sold unpressed for silken (soft) tofu.
I think it's soy beans.

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Q: What is tofu made from?
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Related questions

Does tofu contain tofu?

Tofu needs to contain tofu to be tofu. So yes, tofu contains tofu. Tofu is made from soybeans.

Is tofu made from soy sauce?

No, tofu is made from soy milk.

What is Chinese tofu made of?

Chinese tofu is made out of soy beans.

How is tofu made into soy milk?

It is the opposite, tofu is made from soy milk, not into it

What is chilled tofu?

chilled tofu is...tofu is like a white square made of something its just when regular tofu is cold.

Is tofu made from beans?

Yes and no, tofu is made from soybean, which is a different genus from the regular beans.

What is tofu a legume a fruit what?

Tofu is bean curd made from soybeans, which are legumes.

Can you freeze cream soups made with tofu?

no the tofu will rot and produce mold in your frezer ^^ the previous answer is CAN freeze soups made with can freeze tofu in general! freezing tofu gives it a more "meaty" WILL NOT rot and produce mold in your freezer..its impossible for frozen tofu to produce mold in a freezer

Did ancient egyptians eat tofu?

No,Egypt is on North Africa but tofu was made in asia.

Is tofu dairy free?

Tofu is made from soy milk which is extracted from soy beans (bean curd). There is no dairy in regular tofu.

What beans do you use to make tofu?

Tofu is made from soya beans, more precisely their milk which is coagulated in order to produce tofu.

Is miso a type of tofu?

no it is not. Miso is a veggi from the miso plant and tofu is soy bean paste made in to cube form. You may think that miso is from tofu because almost all miso soups are made with miso and tofu

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