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Q: What is tokelau islands culture of native people?
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Five contories with the loest population?

Piticairn Islands - 50 people Vatican City - 800 people Tokelau - 1,200 people Niue - 1,500 people Falkland Islands - 3,000 people

What are Belgium's native people?

Belgians are the native people of Belgium. The culture in Belgium is similar to that of the culture of France.

What is the population density of Tokelau?

Tokelau's population density is 115 people per square kilometer.

What has the author Laura Thomson written?

Laura Thomson has written: 'The native culture of the Marianas Islands' -- subject(s): Chamorro (Micronesian people), Ethnology

What is foreign culture?

Foreign culture is a culture that is new or unknown to a people of a native region. The opposite of foreign culture is local culture.

What is the citizenship status of people native to the Marshall Islands?

U.S. Citizens?

What is filipino?

Filipinos are an ethnic group of people that are native to the islands of the Philippines.

What is a native culture?

a group or race of people that live in their indigenous area, (where they are from)

What was the name of the native people on the islands now called the Bahamas?

bahamian indians

The people developed a culture that depends on longboats because they live a chain of islands?


The people developed a culture that depends on longboats because they live in a chain of islands?


What does the word chamorro mean?

Chamorro refers to the native people of the Guam and the Northern Mariana Islands which consists of Saipan, Tinian, Rota and the Northern Islands. It is also the name of the native language.

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