What is totalitarian communism?

A communist government is a social systemcharacterized by the absence of social classes, and is completely Socialist, thus having poor quality health care for it's citizens. Socialism is basically when the Government starts to take over and control big businesses and the health care industry. Socialism is the material base for communism. The communist government has failed every where it was tried but is still used in some countries, China for example. Totalitarianism is when there is one person in charge of a country (dictator) and they rule with complete power over the country. so basically totalitarian communism is a badly run government system that can't provide for it's citizens and has one person in charge of the entire countries operations whether the citizens like it or not. and is completely irreversible unless the person in charge wants to go through the hassle of reversing it, which has never and will never happen. The totalitarian leader serves a term of however long he or she wants and can appoint the next person in charge without any election.