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A traditional church is a church that has been around for ages that also includes pews an alter etc...

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Q: What is traditional church?
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How is a traditional church designed?

A traditional church is designed in the shape of a cross with the altar at the eastern end.

When was Traditional Protestant Episcopal Church created?

Traditional Protestant Episcopal Church was created in 1986.

What church is more traditional in its family views the Pentecostal church or Church of the Nazarene or the Seventh-day Adventist Church?

They are all conservative christian churches; therefore, have equal traditional values.

What types of church services are there?

traditional and new age

Is roman catholic worship lively or traditional?

Traditional. At Church you sit and pray. The singing is mostly hyms.

What color is traditional for a 100 year church anniversary?


The name of the duggars home church?

I don't think they attend a traditional 'brick and mortar' church. They have service at home.

Why do people choose to get married in a church?

People choose to get married in a church because it is traditional. Others choose to get married in a church because it is associated with their faith.

What two groups were the traditional containers of monarchy?

landed nobility and the church

What is the shape of the church?

its like a steeple. Traditional Church buildings are often in the shape of a cross and frequently have a tower or a dome. Modern Church buildings have a variety of shapes

Why are traditional church altars located at the eastern side of the church?

Because traditionally church altars always faced East, towards the rising Sun, the new day.

What denominations fall under the traditional Church?

Catholic AnswerYou will have to be more specific with your question. The Catholic Church is the only church which was founded by Our Blessed Lord, Jesus Christ, and it has NO denominations.

What are the advantages of getting married in a church?

The advantages of getting married in a church would be the picture opportunities. Then of course it would be very traditional.

Where is a satanic church in Blantyre Malawi?

There isn't one. The only "satanic church" was the Church of Satan, founded in 1966; however, it wasn't a traditional church; it was more of a headquarters that handled all "satanic" business.

Do johovah witness have traditional weddings?

Yeah they do just not in a church in our own kingdome halls, which if you dont know what that is, its pretty the jehovahs witnesses "church."

What religions are commonly practiced in Sweden?

The traditional church of Sweden is Lutheran which was the official state church until recently and to which some 45% of Swedes belong.

What is the definition of a non traditional church?

Most churches partake in some tradition. However, tradition evolves over time so it is difficult to define a "traditional church". If the religion is Christianity, one could argue that the more reciently created churches partake less in tradition than the ancient ones. Such as the difference between the Roman Catholic Church and Pastor John's Church.

Traditional religion in England?

The oficial English religion is The Church of England and its leader is the Monarch of Britain.

A sentence using the word contemporary?

I prefer the contemporary church services over the traditional services.

What are Catholic churches built from?

Traditional Catholic church was built through stones,marbles and bricks.

What is the Apostate Church?

"apostate" means " fallen away" so this refers to the general state in the last days of the church in general not adhering to its traditional essential beliefs.

What has the author Theodore Hall Partrick written?

Theodore Hall. Partrick has written: 'Traditional Egyptian Christianity' -- subject(s): Church history, Coptic Church, History

Why might Church leaders and Europe's traditional nobility have cooperated for so long?

they are the highest in the social pyramid.

What age does the church consider to be the age of reason for a child?

the traditional age given as the "age of reason" is 7

What is the traditional wedding march?

The traditional wedding march is the "Bridal Chorus" from Richard Wagner's 1850 opera, Lohengrin, often called, "Here Comes The Bride," and played on a church organ.