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Italian clothes are mostly long dresses for ladies and they very unique and fashionable and I prefer a particular online store that offers Italian clothes in a reasonable price and the fabric quality is just marvellous.

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What are traditional Italian clothes?

kimono is a traditional dress for ladies in italy

Traditional Italian clothes?

Nothing they walk in their birthday suit

What are traditional clothes for Italian children?

They wear dresses and boys, robes.

What are the traditional clothes of Makassar?

The traditional clothes of Makassar is baju bodo.

What is the traditional clothes in Australia at Christmas?

There are no particular traditional clothes worn in Australia.

What is the history of traditional french clothes?

There are no only a kind of traditional French clothes. It is as the cheeses: each French region has its specific traditional clothes and folklore.

What is 'the traditional Italian Christmas cake' when translated from English to Italian?

"The traditional Italian Christmas cake" in Italian is panettone.

What is the difference between Traditional clothes and Modern clothes?

deference between traditional clothes and Modern clothes

What is Kenya's traditional clothing?

kenya traditional clothes

Is batik a traditional?

yes it is traditional motives of clothes,

What are traditional Syrian clothes or costumes?

is traditional clothes Syrian used to wear a long time ago

Why do Italians were the Italian clothes?

For fashion or to get a feel of designer clothes, I have always worn Italian clothes to be more fashionable. This will give you a designer feel and you'll experience the Italian style as well.

What are Italian clothes?

That's a silly question to ask, they are Italian people and whatever they wear becomes Italian clothes because Italy is the origin.

What are traditional Hawaiian clothes?

Ok well the traditional hawaiian clothes are an aloha skirt ( which is only for special occasions

What is the traditional clothing for Turkish people?

They dont have traditional clothes

What kind of traditional clothes do people wear in Switzerland?


What kind of clothes do they have in Peru?

The same kind of clothes you wear here. And there traditional clothes.

What is the traditional clothes in Syria?

the traditional clothing in syria is a syrian jellaba

Do Australia have traditional clothes that are different to the clothes in the US?

it different than

What is the name of afghan traditional clothes?

Afghans call it afghani clothes

What the difference between the tarditional and the new clothes?

for me, I prefer traditional clothes.

What are traditional funeral flowers in Italy?

Italian traditional funeral flowers

Italy traditional clothes?


What are Chinese traditional clothes?


What are the traditional clothes of Punjab?


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