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What is trance music?


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Trance music is a kind of complicated type of music. It usually uses synthesizers, equalizers, various computer programs, etc. Trance is considered as a kind of electronic music, but unlike some "Techno", as it is sometimes referred to, it usually has a slower, smoother, and more complicated sound to it. It may even put you into a trance if it's a very good piece of trance music. If you would like to hear some good trance music you should listen to Ferry Corsten, System F, Gouryella,Paul van Dyk, Armin van Buuren, Deadmau5, and Kaskade's music (even though it's technically house music.


Trance music comes in many flavors with different beats and rhymes as well. You have: Progressive Trance, Dream Trance, Uplifting Trance, Classical Trance , Euro-Trance and much more. Trance music has became to be as soon as House and Techno started to merge in the late 80's.


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Music Trance was created in 1980.

Maurice Lekkerkerker has released some good trance music on YouTube, as well as Heavensgate, System F, and TSM Trance. Many, many more trance music artists can be found by searching YouTube for "trance music".

A combination of two types of music, Breakbeat and trance. A combination of two types of music, Breakbeat and trance.

Goa trance is a genre of music!similar to Psychedelic Trance

Hard trance music is unique because it draws influence from both western European trance music and from hardcore house music in the UK. It's melodies run as high as 150 in tempo.

Trance music is the music that hits the clubs in Europe

Kelly Trance is a dj and producer. She plays various styles of Electronic Dance Music including house, electro, progressive and trance.

Vocal Trance. Armin van Buuren is a trance/vocal trance Producer & DJ.

Who knows..doubt if any experiments have been done on that ;) Might make him grow up liking trance music though :)

I personally love trance music. I like it because it's almost [or can be at least] provocative. I know that lately at raves it's been like half of the music that was played because no matter what type of style of music you like most, if you're in the right mood, trance music can completely take over, which i absolutely love about it. So, in my opinion, trance music is 'so cool' because it pulls you into the hypnotic [hence the name of the type of music 'trance'] beat and you don't even have to try to dance because you'll find yourself doing it anyway.

No. Trance music is a beautiful, expansive, growing subgenre of EDM. Nothing harmful about the music itself, but whether you choose to engage in a harmful activity while listening to it is completely your perogative & not that of the music itself.

1.Bcs its my life and the bass of my circis 2.Because I'm a Trance Addict ;)

Not necessarily. Trance refers to electronic music that has a "soothing" or "hypnotic" melody. Typically, it has an echo or some type of reverb throughout the song.

Tiësto used to play Trance music, but now he does EDM music.

Rave music is composed of Electronic music mostly composed of Techno, Trance & DubStep.

Trance and Progressive House music.

Psychedelic music was born in the 1960's and died in the 1970's. Technically it has already come back as a new genre called Trance. Trance is an altered state of Electronica music.

The music style of the recording artist Cicane is ambient, trance, Balearic trance, chill out, and electronica styled band. They are very popular in England.

it's almost a house trance. trance would be the background, and house would be the beat that it gives

Yes, LSD puts your mind into a tunnel of happiness and you will explore feelings which are personal adventures in your head and having Trance music will fill in the gap for the adventures you experience.

Cosmic Gate are a German trance group. They formed in 1999 and are still active today. They play hard trance music and one can watch some of their tracks on YouTube.

Ok Trance is electronic music. "Electric music" as you say isn't a classification of electronic music. Trance is in general is a form of electronic music with many layers of loops and melodies. Its much more complicated then your regular electro styles. The main problem people have with classifying electronic music is, they don't know enough. Most people just call electronic music plain Techno, when really its Progressive Trance or House. Dig into the music more. Do some research, ask more questions, and find out for yourself what the music really is. Trance has all sorts of sub-genres try looking into them. Give Tiesto, Armin Van Buuren, Roger Shah, Signum, Chicane, and Aly & Fila a try.

Because drugs are good...mkay

Theres been some speculation that Trance started in Goa India. However Goa Trance is much different than your average Trance song. Trance really didn't come out until Tiesto though. But the widely accepted answer of its origin is; all trance is derived from early in the 1980s the German composer Klaus Schulze.

Yes, you can. Often you find yourself in a state of trance and hear and see nothing around you while you are in this trance. The deepness of the trance depends on the type of music. Sometimes in trances people wander around simotaneously without seeing. Like sleepwalking, that person does not see but does not hit anything in their path. Most times that person does not blink in a trance.

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