What is trance music?

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Trance music is a kind of complicated type of music. It usually uses synthesizers, equalizers, various computer programs, etc. Trance is considered as a kind of electronic music, but unlike some "Techno", as it is sometimes referred to, it usually has a slower, smoother, and more complicated sound to it. It may even put you into a trance if it's a very good piece of trance music. If you would like to hear some good trance music you should listen to Ferry Corsten, System F, Gouryella,Paul van Dyk, Armin van Buuren, Deadmau5, and Kaskade's music (even though it's technically house music.


Trance music comes in many flavors with different beats and rhymes as well. You have: Progressive Trance, Dream Trance, Uplifting Trance, Classical Trance , Euro-Trance and much more. Trance music has became to be as soon as House and Techno started to merge in the late 80's.

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Q: What is trance music?
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When was Music Trance created?

Music Trance was created in 1980.

How is a trance video supposed to work?

A trance video is one based on the music of trance. Trance is a type of electronic dance music. The genre includes psy trance, vocal, classic, goa, ambient, techno and dream trance. A trance video is supposed to enhance the atmosphere for trance music.

What is the Trance Energy event all about?

Trance Energy is a Dutch trance music event. It usually contains three stages, each with different music: The "Mainstage" with regular trance music; the "Madhouse" with house and club music; and a third stage with edgier, less conventional trance music.

What YouTube artist is good for trance music?

Maurice Lekkerkerker has released some good trance music on YouTube, as well as Heavensgate, System F, and TSM Trance. Many, many more trance music artists can be found by searching YouTube for "trance music".

What is break beat trance?

A combination of two types of music, Breakbeat and trance. A combination of two types of music, Breakbeat and trance.

Who is goatrance?

Goa trance is a genre of music!similar to Psychedelic Trance

What is unique about hard trance music?

Hard trance music is unique because it draws influence from both western European trance music and from hardcore house music in the UK. It's melodies run as high as 150 in tempo.

Where did trance music originate?


What music do Europeans listen to?

Trance music is the music that hits the clubs in Europe

What kind of music is ''in and out of love''by Armin Van Buuren?

Vocal Trance. Armin van Buuren is a trance/vocal trance Producer & DJ.

Where can one find techno trance music?

One can find techno trance music on YouTube. There are many videos available to watch and familiarize oneself with artists and musicians that specialize in the techno trance genre.

Who is Kelly Trance?

Kelly Trance is a dj and producer. She plays various styles of Electronic Dance Music including house, electro, progressive and trance.

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