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What is trouble code p1120 - p0120 and the Throttle Position Sensor - TPS - Windstar?

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2009-12-18 03:04:03

The trouble code #P1120 means:Throttle motor position sensor

1-Circuit malfunction Major auto parts chain told me my TSP

(Throttle position sensor) was bad due to the Check Engine Llight

(CEL) being lit up - a P1120 DTC.

$40 and 10 minutes to replace - ((_#*&$ light came right

back. A few days ago, after doing some more reading &

investigating of my own, I bought a $4 can of throttle body spray

cleaner - used 1/2 the can on my 98 Sable - voila! CEL is gone

again! Since this sensor is located at the top of the engine, it is

very likely you will be able to replace it yourself.

Ask at auto parts store to see a diagram of the part's location.

The throttle position sensor, TPS, is mounted on the front of the

throttle body with 2 screws, and has a 3 wire connector

going into it.

The throttle body is the metal unit the air filter housing

connects to on the left-side, and also has the gas pedal cables

going into it.

Simply disconnect the wire harness, remove the 2 screws (tighten

a bit before unscrewing to break them loose) - reverse steps to


Note that has detailed testing procedures that

appear easy enough to confirm if the TPS requires replacement. See

"Related Links" below. It is attached with 2 screws to the front of

the throttle-body - top side of the engine. Rather small with a 2

wire connector going to it.

Easiest part to access where the air duct attaches to the

throttle body. I believe the voltage is supposed to be 0.5 closed

and 5.0 open once that is obtained use a OBD scan tool to clear the

code or disconnect the battery long enough to reset it however if

you disconnect the battery it will take 40 to 100 miles of travel

on the road to pick up all the sensors again and this can sometimes


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