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All physical changes involve a change in state of matter. Physical changes can be undone and the material can resume its original state of matter.

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Does changes in a state of matter involve a physical change?

A chaqnge of the state of matter is allways a physical change.

What is the difference between physical changes and physical properties?

Physical property of an object is any property which can be measured and describes the physical state of matter. On the other hand, physical change, is a change which does not involve any chemical reaction. Example - change in state of matter.

Is Boiling oil a physical change or a chemical change?

It is a physical change; all changes in state are physical changes.

Why are changes of state chemical changes?

They aren't; a change of state is a physical change

Is melting snow a physical change or chemical change?

Changes of state are physical changes.

How Are the changes of state a physical changes?

The physical characteristics change, not the chemical.

Enthalpy changes accompanying a change of state are?

Any change of state involve a change of the system enthalpy.

In a physical change what changes?

It changes the state it is currently in.

Why are changes of state considered physical changes?

Changes in state are physical changes because there is no change in chemical composition.

Does a physical change occurs when matter changes state?

no physical change does not change matter

Why are change of state physical changes?

Changes of state are physical changes because in changes of state, matter converts between solids, liquids or gases. Physical changes are changes in how something looks, or its physicality. Conversion between solids, liquids, or gases change how matter looks. So, changes of states are physical changes.

Is a change in liqiud to a gas a chemical change?

No, changes of state such as this are physical changes.

How can you identify that a change is physical change?

A physical change is when the object changes shape, color, or physical state.

Is water changing from liquid to gas physical or chemical reaction?

This is considered a physical change. The distinction between physical and chemical changes are subtle and the line is not clear cut. Chemical changes tends to involve reactions and the rearrangement of bonds and atoms. Physical changes tend to involve changes in properties without a reaction, so water changing from a gas to a liquid is a change of state but it is still water, the only bonds that would be broken are weak intermolecular interactions.

What is true about all physical changes that involve a change of state?

They are the same substance, just in a different state. Ex: water>ice>water vapor is still water.

Explain why changes of state are physical changes?

The identity of the property does not change so the physical properties change but not the chemical

What is the physical change of a candle?

The physical state of a candle changes from the solid state to the liquid state.

How do physical changes differ from chemical changes?

physical changes change the color, shape, or state of matter. chemical change is the change from one substance to another.

What are considered as physical changes?

Physical changes are those changes which do not cause a change in the chemical composition of the changed body. For example, change in the state of matter of a body, change in state of rest or motion of the body.

How are physical and chemical changes alike?

*Both are changes.*Both involve changes in state of matter.*Both can affect in different ways.

Theory used to explain changes of state?

Thermodynamics is used to explain changes of state.A change of state involve variation of free energy.

Is a change in state chemical or physical?

It is a chemical change if the compound itself changes its actual composition, it is a physical change when the compound just changes its features.

Give three examples of physical property?

The physical properties refer to the change in it's physical state like "shape", " size" etc. physical changes involve only the change of physical state. No heat or light is involved. Normally we can get the original form of state after the process for example :- 1) change in shape of balloon changes when we blow air into it 2) the paper can be crush and then the shape can be regained. 3) when the wax melts it's shape can be regained by solidification

Is changing from a gas to a liquid a chemical change?

No, changes of state such as this are physical changes.

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