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Q: What is true about magnetic field lines but not electric filed lines?
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What is the direction of magnetic filed lines?

The direction of magnetic field lines are from north to south

What best describes magnetic field lines?

Magnetic fields are produced because of moving electric charges, and visualizing the very complex mathematical relationships that fall under the magnetic field might become much easier if magnetic field lines were used. A higher density of field lines means a stronger magnetic field. Keep in mind that those lines do not actually exist; they are drawn only to visualize the strength of the magnetic field.

What is the imaginary line that helps us visualise a electric or magnetic field called?

They are force field lines at right angles to each other as depicted in the related link.

Will running an electric current threw a magnet increase the magnetic field lines or disrupt the field lines. can a magnet be arch welded without disrupting the field lines?


How would you sketch the magnetic field lines of a coil with electric current?

like a butterfly!

Which is true of magnetic field lines but not electric field lines?

they show wich way iron shavings would align themselves They always make closed loops. Electric field lines can either form closed loops or they can start and finish on isolated electric charges. Magnetic field lines always only form closed loops.

What are the lines called that map out the magnetic field around magnetic?

They are called the magnetic field lines.

How it can be possible to produce electric current in a uniform magnetic field?

-- Form a continuous circuit out of a conducting material. -- Move the conductor through the magnetic field, at an angle to the magnetic 'lines of force'.

Where do magnetic field lines cross?

Magnetic field lines don't cross.

Do electric power lines have any magnet properties?

Anytime electricity flows it creates a magnetic field

A magnetic field is described by magnetic lines of?

Lines of Force

What are the lines called that the map out the magnetic field around a magnet?

They are called the magnetic field lines.