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What is turkey ham made of?


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Turkey or Turks, depending on which country you buy it.Turkey or Turks, depending on which country you buy it from.


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No. Turkey ham is turkey that has been processed to taste like ham.It's ham made from turkey

ham is from a pig turkey is from...a turkey

Ham. no turkey is well, maybe not

Ham is not bad for you. Turkey can kill you if you eat a unhealthy turkey but that is unlikely. But ham is not bad for you

Traditionally, yes, but new products are now using the word, e.g. in the UK you can now buy Turkey Ham, made from turkey meat.

Ham has more tryptophan than turkey.

both, wrap the ham around the turkey!

Because ham is better than turkey

Fish is better about ham than turkey.

You don't. You cook a ham. Its supposed to be a thaksgiving turkey and a Christmas ham.

Bologna, Salami, and Ham. They're turkey based.

Kosher Jewish people do not eat ham, but some may eat turkey ham since it is not pork based.

turkey is eaten more the then ham because it tast beter on holladays.

yes, i like ham a lot better than turkey, but that's just me

The turkey said to the ham "I'm going gobble, gobble you up." The pig replied to the turkey "Thanksgiving is coming soon."

Sometimes ham is a replacement for turkey on Thanksgiving. Sometimes they just want to eat it. But in a way, they prefer ham because turkey has more fat.

Ham on the Street - 2006 Ham on Turkey 2-14 was released on: USA: 15 November 2006

It depends on the family's preferences. Some people choose ham and some turkey. From my experience, I think more families choose turkey, but ham is very popular as well.

sliced turkey bologna, turkey* ham and turkey salami

I don't eat turkey on Christmas, I eat ham.

Ground turkey; The Journal of Agriculture and Food Chemistry Turkey ham; Bernard Matthews

The price of turkey and ham vary in different locations based on demand. It is difficult to say that either is cheaper than the other.

Ham has preservatives in, turkey usually does not. So the turkey will spoil first. Also, white meat usually spoils quicker than red meat.

In my area ham is much cheaper than turkey, even though we have many turkey farms.

Occasionally ham is included in a thanksgiving feast as well as turkey

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